Letter: Scary experience brings lots of aid

On Wednesday, March 8, I went to Lowes to buy a piece of lumber for a shelf. That day Lima had some very high and hard winds. As I came out of the store I noticed a gust of wind coming across their driveway. I started to walk to my van that was close by and the gust of wind turned the board and me around about four to five times. I dropped the board, but the wind got under my jacket and moved me about six to seven feet and dropped me very hard. I hurt my knees, hands, and got a cut on my forehead.

I tried to get up, but my knees hurt a lot and I could not get up. I then heard people saying, “He needs help and we have to help him.” They had a hard time getting me up due to my hurt knees and age. I am 86 years old and could not help them.

They picked me up and took me to my van. They then cleaned my cut and taped it. They told me that I could not drive. I asked them to call my son Mark. They called and told Mark what happened. Mark came and took me home. While waiting for my son they would come over about every 5 minutes to check me out.

God bless those that render help that was needed. I thank each one of you.

Frank Diaz, Lima

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