Letter: Polling station not good for disabled

I am writing this over concerns at a particular polling place in the city of Lima. It concerns Heritage Elementary School.

Voters with disabilities are provided handicap parking on the south end of the building. The closest entrance is 70 steps to the door. I have been at this building hundreds of times. I have four children that went to school here when it was West Middle School. It is close to another 70 steps to the gym where the election voting was on Nov. 8.

My problem is voters are not allowed to use this door. People with disabilities have to walk 335 steps down the length of the block at the school. This was stepped and counted. Go up a ramp to gain access to vote. I personally stepped this off.

Also, I feel the people at the school could be a little friendlier. The election workers work hard and put in a very long day only to be criticized from officials at the board of elections and the school.

I believe it is everyone’s duty to vote, but I will probably vote early when I have to vote so I don’t have to put up with this.

Richard Groves, Lima