Editorial: Election numbers don’t bode well for Crish

The Lima News

Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish should be thankful the news of his gambling problems didn’t surface until after the filing deadline for Tuesday’s general election.

Crish had no opposition for sheriff both this year and in 2012, but the support he received from voters drastically changed.

Four years ago, 80 percent of the 46,398 people voting in Allen County supported Crish. Tuesday night saw quite a drop, with 62 percent of 45,036 people backing the sheriff. Of the nine county officeholders running unopposed, Crish had the fewest votes.

Earlier this year, the FBI raided the sheriff’s office, seizing his computer and phone. Later he was sued by Lima business owner Ray Magnus for failure to pay on a $100,000 loan. A prison inmate also claims he was duped by Crish after lending the sheriff money.

The FBI investigation is ongoing. No determination has been made if charges will be filed.

• THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES: Inroads were made in Allen County by third-party presidential candidates this year, but the results were still minimal. Only 5 percent of voters selected a candidate other than Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Eight years ago in a similar presidential election, only 2 percent of Allen County residents voted for a candidate who was neither a Democrat or Republican.

• HILLARY v. OBAMA: When Barack Obama first ran for president in 2008, he captured 38 percent of the vote in heavily Republican Allen County. On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton received 28 percent of the vote.

• VOTER TURNOUT: Allen County saw 43,654 people vote for president when Barack Obama first ran in 2008. On Tuesday, 45,036 voted for president.

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