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Americans will never move beyond the question of race so long as government officials and civil rights activists continue to make racial classifications seem important.

For example, governments across the country continue to ask people questions about their race, most notably in the upcoming decennial census.

Why should the federal government care about anyone’s race? Does the concept of race even have significance in the modern world?

There is only one human “race.” The popular connotation of race is nothing but a social construct that carries no significance. Racial lines are imprecise, arbitrary, have many gradations, and vary from culture to culture.

In the end, the idea of race only serves to promote racism. When governments ask for your race, they are advancing the false idea that there are substantive differences, rather than superficial ones, between humans that warrant classification.

Even more insidious than government data collection of race are the various civil rights activists who insist that not only is race important, but Americans are racists at the core, even when they don’t even realize it themselves.

I attended one forum recently in which the speaker, Mark P. Fancher, an attorney and director of the Racial Justice Project at the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, said point-blank that all Americans are racists and that anyone who opposes President Barack Obama is simply showing that racism.

Those kinds of comments are simply counterproductive. It’s more likely that the vast majority of those opposing Obama do so because of his socialistic policies and fiscal irresponsibility of emptying the fisc to pay for every entitlement program that pops into his head rather than the color of his skin.

In another recent forum, Matthew Miko, of the Civil Rights Advantage Consulting Group, made a similar comment that Americans need to battle what he called “implicit racism,” racism that we exhibit without knowing it.

This country shed much blood bringing an end to slavery and overt racism. Now, civil rights activists want to blame us for “implicit racism.”

Give me a break.

He gave the ludicrous example of a white woman who squeezes her daughter’s hand as they pass three black teenagers. The daughter quickly starts to make the association, eventually acting in the same way without even thinking about it, his theory goes.

“It is bias that exists at the automatic level,” Miko said. “We have been so exposed or accustomed to believe something that it becomes routine.”

What Miko ignores is that given the crime statistics a white woman passing three black teenagers has cause to be fearful. In fact, any woman passing three black teenagers probably has cause to worry.

While Miko and other civil rights activists like to ignore crime numbers when railing against racial profiling, they have no problem spouting off other useless numbers in an attempt to prove that racism is rampant in our society.

Using Miko as an example again, he cited statistics showing that 78 percent of whites own homes while only 48.2 percent of blacks do.

“How can we say we have addressed the issue if these sorts of disparities still exist,” he said.

However, lack of homeownership does not prove racism is rampant. There could be any number of reasons explaining those numbers, including cultural differences or the fact that a large percentage of blacks live in urban centers where homeownership in general is lower than in rural areas.

Statistical disparity is often the basis upon which these activists make their claims. For example, Fancher made the claim that a civil service exam in New Haven, Conn., was racist because more whites passed than blacks did, a notion the U.S. Supreme Court rejected last year in Ricci v. DeStefano.

Using statistics to make such leaps of logic demonstrates either a serious disconnect with reality or intentional obfuscation in order to advance a weak agenda.

Of course, it is no coincidence that such ideas concerning race are coming from men such as Fancher and Miko who rely on the existence of racism to earn a paycheck. It is in their best financial interests that Americans continue to fret over race.

Of course, I am sure that causal relationship is simply “implicit” rather than “explicit.”

Lucente blogs at www.lucente.org and thinkfree.freedomblogging.com, and he can be heard on “Talk with Ron Williams” on WCIT-AM at 3:10 p.m. Thursdays (listen at 940wcit.com).


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