Letter: Allen East’s Proud Tradition of Honoring Veterans

My husband and I wish to thank the Allen East School District for their patriotism and support of our veterans. We have been attending this Veterans Day event for five years.

Marty Hards, a teacher, started the tradition to salute our veterans in 2012. The school has honored their local vets by providing a luncheon and a special program. The school and area has consistently promoted patriotism and appreciation of the sacrifice and hardships the veterans and their families have made for their country. The band played and the choir sang our patriotic songs. Students read essays “Why They Appreciate Their Veterans.” They demonstrated knowledge regarding our county’s values of personal freedoms, respect for all and honor.

Then there were the personal letters written by the students saying “Thank you” and handing them to we vets as we were leaving. Also, last but not least, we vets walked through what I will call the “tunnel of honor.” There were more than a hundred children lined up in two rows, who saluted, smiled, gave “High-Fives” to we veterans. Many were waving little flags or holding signs saying thank you. I did get teary eyed.

My husband and I felt elated and so proud of this future generation. Our belief, America can remain a free nation, respecting life and liberty for all, was affirmed by these Allen East students. We are hoping our country will become more united in these values and it appears the next generation will be responsible for maintaining these values. We are so appreciative of the faculty, students and school board that made this wonderful day possible. May God continue to bless America.

Jean Welch, Lima