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The audacity of the left never ceases to amaze me. No matter what kind of wrongdoing is involved, the vast majority of leftists continue to support their politicians and they come up with some of the flimsiest excuses ever.

The most bizarre is to point to other politicians and say with credulity that they either did the same thing or they did worse. I don’t know about you, by my mom always told me two wrongs do not make a right. In other words, I don’t care how bad of a president George W. Bush or Bill Clinton was (and they were bad) that does not give President Barack Obama a pass for being bad. If you give me that argument, you have no credibility.

While that argument is stupid, the one I want to address is the race card. Because I value liberty and true equality, I am often labeled a racist by leftists who think equality is akin to special treatment.

These accusations have grown tenfold since Obama has entered the scene. This is because the left is truly bereft of ideas and when they lose the argument, as they usually do, they pull out the old race card.

But that is fine. It does not deter me. I know right from wrong even if the leftists do not.

If it is racist to believe that the president selling guns to Mexican drug cartels who then use those very same weapons to murder U.S. Border Patrol agents is wrong, then, yes, I am a racist.

If it is racist to be angered by a president who ordered the military to stand down while an American embassy was being attacked, then, yes, I am a racist.

If it is racist to want hearings to understand the entire scope of a president covering up that same attack by knowingly trying to blame an obscure Internet video and knowingly lying to the American people about it, then, yes, I am a racist.

If it is racist to be outraged that the president and his administration used the power of the IRS to prevent tea party and other conservative groups from participating in the 2012 election, which might have changed the outcome, then, yes, I am a racist.

If it is racist to be disgusted by the Obama administration crushing the First Amendment under a jackboot by wiretapping reporters’ and editors’ telephones, then, yes, I am a racist.

If it is racist to speak out against Obama killing at least four American citizens with drones without a trial and other due process, then, yes, I am a racist.

If it is racist to oppose socialistic policies that redistribute wealth through the use of force by taking from the makers and giving it to the takers — in other words to believe that a free person has the right to keep what he or she produces — then, yes, I am a racist.

If it is racist to point out the irresponsible and reckless spending of this administration and the crushing debt Obama is piling on top of the next generation to finance his utopian (which is actually dystopian) view of a world run by huge governments where everyone is subservient to the state, then, yes, I am a racist.

So, yes, if opposing Obama and his dangerous administration is racist, then, by all means I am a racist. However, we all know that the term is simply being used because the left has no argument when faced with facts so they act in a racist manner by accusing others of racist behavior.

It matters not because I know, as do all thinking individuals, that the biggest threat to American liberty — as it always has been — is government. The bigger the beast, the greater the danger. And there is no bigger advocate of big government than Barack Obama. His views would make Karl Marx proud.

So if opposing big government and defending human liberty — which is the same thing — means I have to be labeled a racist by those who support Obama and his attempt to grow the Leviathan of big government to its logical conclusion — tyranny and enslavement — then I am a racist.

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