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LIMA ‚?? The second wife of a doctor sent to prison earlier this year over the death of his first wife said authorities were only concerned about building a case against her husband to gain fame, rather than seek the truth.Esther Wangler said she will stop at nothing to prove her husband, Mark Wangler, did not murder his first wife, Kathy Wangler, on Sept. 4, 2006, using carbon monoxide poisoning. She was critical of evidence at trial and even the jury which she, as a psychologist, helped pick. She said she was concerned no member of the jury possessed a science background that would help other jurors understand a case prosecutors based mostly on scientific theories. Wangler said sheriff's investigators and prosecutors did nothing to seek the truth and looked only for a way to twist evidence against her husband, who sits in a Toledo prison serving a life sentence with the chance for parole after 25 years, when he will be 80.‚??I don't think they would have pursued it if he didn't have MD after his name. They were after something that was a high-profile case and they could get some notoriety for,‚?Ě she said. Allen County Prosecutor Juergen Waldick said there was overwhelming evidence against Mark Wangler to convict him. Evidence a jury of 12 members of the community carefully weighed before returning a guilty verdict. ‚??Unfortunately, this is what happens when family members can't believe someone they care about has committed a terrible crime,‚?Ě Waldick said.Waldick also said Wangler did not sit through her husband's trial listening to each witness and hearing all the evidence. As a possible witness she was prohibited from attending the trial.She said she is familiar with all the evidence Waldick shared and accused him of trying to hide evidence. She said the defense only found out the prosecution had a sample of Kathy Wangler's lung tissue while questioning the state's coroner. She said they are trying to obtain the lung tissue for testing, which she believes will show no traces of exhaust from an engine.‚??If they had lung tissue why wouldn't they have tested it?‚?Ě she said.Waldick said the defense team of three lawyers and numerous investigators had access to his whole case and could have called the coroner before trial to ask about lung tissue.Esther Wangler also took aim at lead investigator Clyde Breitigan of the Allen County Sheriff's Office, saying he never sought the truth and only wanted to tailor a case against her husband. She said Breitigan's actions in the investigation, including calling up members of Mark Wangler's church to accuse him of having an affair with Esther Wangler, showed he was out to get her husband at all cost. She said she started talking to Mark Wangler the year after Kathy Wangler's death and they were married eight months later. She said she worked with him from 1996 to 2000 and saw him as a friend but nothing more until the year they married. She said there was never an affair during his marriage. Waldick defended Breitigan, saying he and others did search for the truth and tried to rule out foul play. But Mark Wangler's actions, statements and the evidence showed otherwise.Wangler also accused Breitigan of profiting from the case above his salary at the sheriff's office. His wife is the court reporter who types the transcripts for the trial and other hearings. She has had to write a check for $1,036 to Breitigan's wife for transcripts. She also was upset the trial transcripts may take up to six months to complete while her husband sits in prison. She fears the appeal may take much longer than that.Wangler said nepotism and personnel relationship overwhelm the criminal justice system in Allen County. Besides the relationship with Breitigan, the assistant prosecutor on the case is married to the courtroom deputy. Waldick's law school roommate is Judge John Willamowski who is on the 3rd District Court of Appeals where Mark Wangler chance for a successful appeal lies.Wangler also criticized Judge Richard Warren, saying he proved to be no more than an arm of the prosecution, consistently giving prosecutors favorable rulings on legal objections.Waldick disagreed. ‚??It's not like a basketball game where we keep score. The judge makes rulings based on the law, not on how many times someone objects,‚?Ě Waldick said. Esther Wangler also disputed the assertion made during the trial that Mark Wangler was thanking God in his journal writings after his first wife's death. She said his words were twisted.‚??What Mark was saying is, ‚??God, you are my king. I will accept your will even if I don't like it. He was not praising Kathy's death,‚?Ě she said.Esther Wangler visits her husband every Friday in prison and writes him daily. She wears his wedding ring on a necklace since he cannot have anything of value in prison. She said her husband is holding up well despite adjusting to prison and a culture he is not well suited for. ‚??He's bearing this whole thing with a lot of dignity and grace but it's very frustrating,‚?Ě she said.Mark Wangler now has a roommate named ‚??Inky‚?Ě who is a prison tattoo artist, she said.The Wanglers have spent $650,000 to date on the defense and she anticipates it will cost $1 million or more, draining every financial resource they have. ‚??I love my husband very much and I will not give up,‚?Ě she said.Wangler is hoping for a new trial held outside of Allen County. If that happens, she said his name will be cleared.‚??Mark is innocent,‚?Ě she said. You can comment on this story at www.limaohio.com.

Convicted doctor’s second wife speaks out

Convicted doctor’s second wife speaks out

Convicted doctor’s second wife speaks out

Wangler asks Ohio Supreme Court to hear murder appeal
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