Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life as we know it gone with wind

March 29. 2014 7:25AM
Paul F. Janning, Wapakoneta

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Remember back in physics class when you were taught that energy can be transformed but cannot be created or destroyed?

When sunlight strikes the Earth, the surface of the Earth is heated. That heat causes seeds to germinate and produce grain. Acres of solar panels deprive the Earth of that heat because the sunlight is converted into electrical energy. This ultimately will lead to a cooling of the Earth and crop failure.

Schoolchildren learn that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. As the west wind blows against windmills, its power is consumed. Some of the wind power will cause the blades to rotate. The rest of the force pushing against the windmill will cause the rotation of the Earth to speed up. This increase in speed of rotation will result in a shorter day. Clocks will be wrong. Centrifugal force will reduce the effect of gravity. What will this do to our orbit around the sun?

Life, as we know it, will be changed.

We need to stop the effect of solar panels and windmills before they cause permanent damage to our civilization. Today would be a good day to write your congressman about this problem. Please be sure to use today’s date of April 1.

— Paul F. Janning, Wapakoneta

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