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Leipsic council (3)

Susan E. Christman (incumbent)

Residence: East Main Street, Leipsic



Rick Recker (incumbent)

Residence: Werner Street, Leipsic

Party: Independent

Age: 43

Relevant experience: Four years on Leipsic Village Council; 12 years as Leipsic volunteer firefighter; former president of the Leipsic Chamber of Commerce

Education: Graduate of Leipsic High School

Years living in area: 43

Major issues: I believe one of our most pressing issues is continuing to find ways to be fiscally responsible given our current economic conditions. We need to continue our pursuit of economic development by being able to show perspective developers what Leipsic has to offer through improvements to infrastructure and by keeping our water and sewer facilities in compliance with government standards. I would also like to see some of our current projects through to completion, such as the ball field complex.


Mark Schey (incumbent)

Residence: Orchard Drive, Leipsic


Sheila Siebeneck

Residence: South Orchard Drive, Leipsic

Party: Independent

Age: 38

Relevant experience: Member of Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary No. 2793; member of Pro-Tec Coating Co. United Way fundraising committee; past auction committee member for Putnam County Relay For Life; volunteer at daughters’ elementary school

Education: Graduated from Leipsic High School in 1989; bachelor’s degree in arts-organizational management from Bluffton University in 2006

Years living in area: Lifelong resident

Major issues: I am running for council because I am an average citizen who wants to become involved.

I want to become involved in helping ensure fiscal responsibility of our local government, especially in this time of economic uncertainty. We need to keep spending on track, while still providing the services we all depend on in our community.

I want to become involved in listening to the citizens of the village and engage them to learn of their concerns, ideas and opinions on issues we face as a population. And then I want to take those views and balance them with the resources and needs of the people to make the best decision for the community.

I want to become involved in a team that keeps the residents of this community informed of changes that are occurring on regular and up-to-date basis.


Joyce A. Wyant

Residence: State Street, Leipsic

Party: Independent

Age: 62 years young

Education: Associate’s degree from Lima Technical College and International Business College; graduated from Leipsic High School

Years living in area: Entire life


Paul E. Wyant

Residence: State Street, Leipsic

Party: Independent

Age: 64 years young

Education: Trade school; graduated from Leipsic High School

Years living in area: Entire life


Continental council (3)


Thomas Armey

Residence: East Rice Street, Continental

Party: Registered Republican

Age: 57

Relevant experience: Zoning chairman.

Education: High school graduate; HVAC training; machine shop, certified in gauge and thermometer calibration, SAP certified in maintenance planning.

Years living in area: Most of my adult life, 43 years.

Major issues: We need to work on the encouragement of natural gas to our area. We should help business to find ways to prosper and invite competition. Economic development planning must always be in the spotlight for our posterity.


Earnest Tim Bragg

Residence: South Sixth Street, Continental


James Ruen

Residence: West Forrest, Continental


Robert Spitnale

Residence: Ash Street, Continental


Michael Varner (incumbent)

Residence: Lakeland Drive, Continental

Party: Republican

Age: 49

Relevant experience: Four years on village council

Years living in area: 35 years

Major issues: A major issue is the EPA-mandated wastewater facility.


Donald B. Wagner

Residence: Forrest Street, Continental


Pandora council (3)

Ricky L. Fricke

Residence: South Jefferson Street, Pandora


Timothy Gray

Residence: North Jefferson Street, Pandora

Party: Republican

Age: 42

Relevant experience: Local small business owner

Education: Graduated from Ottawa-Glandorf High School

Years living in area: 14 years

Major issues: I plan to bring the townspeople’s voices, opinions and ideas to council meetings. I’m very open-minded and not afraid to voice opinions on heated topics. I’m interested in seeing the town work as a whole towards a positive future.


Jon Hall

Residence: South Sherman Street, Pandora


Kevin E. Vance

Residence: East Washington Street, Pandora


Mark A. Painter

Residence: North Jefferson Street, Pandora


West Leipsic council (3)

Robert Alt, Jr. (incumbent)

Residence: Center Street, West Leipsic

Party: Republican

Age: 47

Relevant experience: Six years on council and two years as president of council

Education: High school graduate

Years living in area: All my life in Leipsic area, with the last 19 here in West Leipsic

Major issues: I want to help keep our village a safe place to live.


Robert W. Balbaugh

Residence: South Street, West Leipsic


Cher E. Barnes

Residence: Elm Street, West Leipsic


Betty Berger

Residence: South Street, West Leipsic


Marion F. Dickey

Residence: North Third Street, West Leipsic

Party: Democrat

Age: 77

Relevant experience: Retired police officer

Education: 10 years in public school and received GED while in the service.

Years living in area: 77

Major issues: It’s time for a change in council. I am not saying they have not done a good job, but they have made several people mad at the way they are doing things.


Paula K. Engard

Residence: Main Street, West Leipsic


Brian Fleck-Aller

Residence: Main Street, West Leipsic


Donna Schoemaker

Residence: Sugar Street, West Leipsic


Columbus Grove school board (2)

Steve Butcher

Residence: Olt Road, Columbus Grove

Party: Republican

Age: 32

Relevant experience: Electrical sales consultant in various local schools, learning about school building operations; wife, mother-in-law and sister-in law are educators providing insight into current educational issues

Education: Graduated from Columbus Grove High School; associate’s degree from Rhodes State in accounting

Years living in area: 19 years

Major issues: The major issues affecting our school board include educational opportunities for the children of our community, allocation of tax dollars and decisions concerning our new facility. I want our school board to continue to provide quality learning experiences for our youth while maintaining responsible use of tax revenue. As our community embarks on our building project, we must look ahead to provide appropriate funding for education and facility management.



Ned Stechschulte (incumbent)

Residence: Road 13-S, Columbus Grove

Party: Republican

Age: 37

Relevant experience: Four years on Columbus Grove school board (vice president two years); four years on Apollo Career Center board (vice president one year)

Education: Graduated from Columbus Grove High School in 1991

Years living in area: 37

Major issues: With the passing of the bond issue for new buildings in February, we are now in the middle of the planning stages. I feel that is very important that the school board play an involved role in the whole process to ensure that the Columbus Grove school is getting the best for our money in the new buildings.

The changes to education in Gov. Strickland’s plan and the uncertainty of funding from the state level are two issues that I am concerned about. Locally, we need to make sure the money we do have is spent wisely and to make it stretch out as long as possible without hurting the education of our children. I feel at Columbus Grove we have done a good job of protecting our taxpayers’ money and using our resources in a way that gives our children the best chances to succeed. With the increased demands of the Ohio Core for graduates, it will make local school boards work very hard to provide enough opportunities and to maintain cost in future years.

If re-elected, I will continue to work toward the goals of providing our children with a quality education and an environment that is safe and secure.


Dr. Brian Jones (incumbent, appointed)

Residence: Old State Route 65, Columbus Grove

Age: 37

Relevant experience: I replaced a former board member who resigned midway through his term, so I have served on the board for 2 years

Education: Graduate of Bath High School, The Ohio State University and National College of Chiropractic

Years living in area: 13

Major issues: The biggest issue we face as a school district is our income tax renewal levy coming up for a vote in November. This money is vital to the fiscal health of the school district, especially during these times when state funding is uncertain for the future. We also are in the infant stages of building a new elementary and high school and renovating our middle school. These projects will be ongoing for the next few years and we want to see our children get a very nice building and continue to succeed as an excellent rated school district.


Jennings school board (3)

Debra S. Calvelage

Residence: Road R, Fort Jennings


Donald L. Good

Residence: Street Route 190, Fort Jennings



Bradley E. Louth

Residence: Elm Street, Fort Jennings

Party: Republican

Age: 41

Relevant experience: 15 years as president of Putnam County West SAY. Soccer Board; 18 years as Fort Jennings Youth Soccer board member

Education: Rhodes College

Years living in area: 20

Major issues: I want to work within the current budget and not ask for any additional tax. I also want to maintain the current high level of education provided to our students and provide all tools required to give our students and teachers the edge needed to continue to improve our great school.



Karl Schimmoeller (incumbent)

Residence: State Route 190, Delphos

Age: 42

Relevant experience: School board member for two years; engineering manager for Honda of America Mfg. Inc.; active in local clubs and organizations

Education: Graduate of Fort Jennings High School; bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Dayton; master’s degree in business administration from Ashland University

Years living in area: 32 years

Major issues: In 2010, the long-time superintendent will retire, so this key position will need filled. This creates an opportunity to enhance the organization’s administrative functions while improving the offering to our students. Finances will continue to be a major concern.


Leipsic school board (2)

John A. Schortgen

Residence: North Belmore Street, Leipsic


Sammy L. “Sam” Walther

Residence: East Liberty Street, Leipsic

Party: Republican

Age: 40

Relevant experience: St. Marys Parish Council and St. Marys feasibility committee

Education: Leipsic High School and University of Toledo

Years living in area: 30

Major issues: I want to help build public support and understanding of public education and lead the public in demanding a quality education. I want to advise the school superintendent and treasurer in managing the district in accordance with the school board’s policies. I am flexible enough to recognize all the views of any issue and/or policy but decisive enough to make a decision while considering consensus when required.



Daniel Ray Zeisloft (incumbent)

Residence: Brice Street, Leipsic

Age: 55

Relevant experience: School board for four terms; steward for UFCW Local 75

Education: Associate’s degree in business

Years living in area: Lifelong resident

Major issues: Educating students so they are prepared for the ever-changing career fields and life challenges should always be the goal and therefore the major issue. Financial responsibility, safety, staff and state funding are also major issues.


Miller City-New Cleveland school board (3)


Tina Altman

Residence: Road G, Leipsic

Age: 41

Relevant experience: I’m currently teaching in a public school and continually seeking professional development opportunities to gain insight on updates concerning the educational curriculum

Education: Bachelor’s degree from University of Toledo and master’s degree from Bluffton University

Years living in area: 15

Major issues: I would like to bring a passion to the Miller City-New Cleveland school board. I would like to operate as a team with other school board members to approve and abide by policy. I also would like to learn the district’s needs in order to better communicate with all members of the school district.

I recently completed the Ohio School Boards Association’s (OBSA) school board candidate workshop. During the three-hour workshop, I learned about the fundamentals of being an effective school board member. Some of the topics covered included boardmanship and ethics, educational issues and school board policy making. I’m looking forward to serving the Miller City-New Cleveland school district.



Brenda Bruce

Residence: Road 16, Continental

Age: 38

Relevant experience: Previously worked at Leipsic High School as the high school secretary; worked the past eight years for the Putnam County Commissioners; experience in both school and local government issues

Education: Graduated from Continental High School in 1989; attending the University of Northwestern online; will graduate next fall with bachelor’s degree in business administration

Years living in area: Lifelong resident of Putnam County

Major issues: Providing our students a diversified education that includes basic life skills, along with college preparatory courses, is very important. Open communication and finding a balance between the importance of education, athletics and the arts is needed. As a mother of three, I see firsthand the situations facing our current school system and our youth. We need to continue to improve our school system to adapt to a changing world.

As we move forward Miller City-New Cleveland must maximize the opportunity for excellence for each and every student. I believe that one school board member cannot do the job alone. Working together as a team will bring together new ideas and offer new perspectives to the board. I look forward to contributing a new voice to Miller City-New Cleveland schools.


Raymond Gerschutz

Residence: Road 12, Leipsic


James N. Kleman (incumbent)

Residence: Road 13-C, Leipsic

Age: 57

Relevant experience: Served 16 years on the school board of Miller City-New Cleveland

Education: 12 years

Years living in area: Life

Major issues: I want to try to maintain an excellent level of education while the state continues to reduce funding.



Karen K. Niese (incumbent)

Residence: Road B-13, Continental

Party: Not applicable for school board position

Age: 53

Relevant experience: 16 years on the Miller City-New Cleveland school board; CPA and strong finance background; 31 years working in the business community

Education: Graduated from Miller City-New Cleveland; bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from University of Dayton; master’s degree in organizational development from Bowling Green State University

Years living in area: 53

Major issues: The major issue that I see is school finances. It is no secret that funding for schools will be challenging in the upcoming years. The Miller City-New Cleveland district has already seen cuts in supplemental programs and funding. Our quarterly income tax collections are down due to tough economic times. We expect further cuts in other areas. By being a conservative school district, we have accumulated a nest egg to help see us through this difficult time. Nevertheless, the school board must continue to be good stewards of the district’s money and make wise, informed decisions.

The second challenge will come as key school administration (superintendent and high school principal) retire. The administration positions are important to the district. They are the day-to-day decision-makers as well as those who look down the road to see what will be needed to keep us competitive (for example, the BioMedical and other engineering programs). The school board will be responsible for selecting the new administration wisely.

Lastly, academic excellence is paramount. Miller City-New Cleveland has been rated “Excellent” over the past six consecutive years. We received the prestigious “Blue Ribbon School” award in 2006. Recently the district was selected ninth in Ohio for academics, regardless of school size. This kind of achievement is driven by the combined effort of students, teachers, parents, school board and administration and community. MC-NC must continue to enhance its academics to ensure the best for our students, both now and in the future.


Jennings Township trustee (2)


Dave Gasser

Residence: State Route 634, Fort Jennings

Party: Republican

Age: 56

Relevant experience: Self-employed businessman for 30 years

Education: High school graduate

Years living in area: All my life, 56 years

Major issues: I feel I would be very good for this position. I do construction work, and I have done a lot of jobs in the past for the village. I’m a people person, and I will try to help anyone as much as possible. I’m very well-liked in the community.



Charles E. Gerdeman

Residence: South Water Street, Fort Jennings

Party: Democrat

Age: 49

Relevant experience: Farming for more than 40 years; landowner, home owner; transportation market construction at federal, state and local level; business owner for 16 years

Education: Graduate of Fort Jennings High School

Years living in area: 49 years

Major issues: As a native of Fort Jennings, I am very familiar with the community and the hard-working families that make us so strong. Our environment is also very important to me, keeping our air, water and land free of pollutions, our roads a safe place to drive on and a place where people like to come and visit.

I will help keep Fort Jennings a great community.



Dale Good

Residence: Road 20, Fort Jennings

Age: 58

Relevant experience: 10 years as chair of zoning board, three years U.S. Army, St. Joseph Church finance committee, SAY Soccer referee, Fort Jennings Jaycees, Cub Scout leader, Pee Wee League coach

Education: Graduate of Fort Jennings High School; DeVry Institute of Technology; attended Northwestern Business College

Years living in area: 58

Major issues: I have a personal interest in Jennings Township, as I have lived in the Fort Jennings area all my life. I believe the main concern as a trustee would be working with the other trustees in maintaining the road signs, roads, fire department and the ditches. This is important for the safety of all residents. It is very important to handle and use the township’s revenues in a responsible manner. I also believe it is important to listen to the concerns of the residents and to answer their questions in a timely manner. I would consider it an honor to serve the residents of Jennings Township.



Dennis J. Metzger

Residence: Road 22, Fort Jennings

Age: 48

Relevant experience: 10 years on local school board and 28 years of business experience

Education: 12 years grade/high school and two years of college

Years living in area: 48

Major issues: We need to maintain a balanced budget, support the local farming community needs and operate an effective fire department.


David R. Wieging (incumbent)

Residence: South Water Street, Fort Jennings

Age: 63

Relevant experience: Eight years as Jennings Township trustee.

Education: Fort Jennings High School, 12 years.

Years living in area: 63

Major issues: I would like to continue serving Jennings Township in Putnam County. I’d like to continue to serve as president of the county’s township association and continue to be a member of the county planning committee and a member of the homeland security committee.

I want to be able to help Jennings Township and Putnam County for the next four years with any problems that may arise.



Jason A. Wieging

Residence: Oak Street, Fort Jennings

Age: 39

Education: Fort Jennings graduate; two years at Ohio Northern University

Years living in area: 39


Monterey Township trustee (2)


Rodney Beining (incumbent)

Residence: Road 25N, Cloverdale

Age: 53

Relevant experience: Six years as Monterey Township Trustee, two years Vantage Career Center Advisory Committee, 26 years as Immaculate Conception Catholic Church usher, and two years Parish Council

Education: High school graduate

Years living in area: 53

Major issues: I feel that my experiences as trustee in the last six years would be a great benefit to the township. I plan to continue monitoring road surfaces to be sure they are maintained as well as improve roadside drainage. I will also try to provide good equipment for the firemen so that they can continue to provide us with great services safely.


James L. Eickholt

Residence: Road N-24, Cloverdale


Robert L. Eickholt

Residence: Road N-25, Cloverdale

Age: 58

Relevant experience: Past and present experience with road work, drainage, sewer, waterlines and snow plowing

Education: Ottoville High School graduate

Years living in area: 58

Major issues: I want to serve all the residents of Monterey Township with all their needs and concerns equally and fairly.



Steven R. Hilvers (incumbent)

Residence: Road 26-Q, Delphos

Age: 38

Relevant experience: Current trustee for Monterey Township. Throughout my career, I have had experience in the operation and maintenance of agricultural and industrial equipment and have been educated in mechanical and civil engineering.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from The Ohio State University and graduated from Ottoville High School.

Years living in area: Lived entire life in Monterey Township.

Major issues: While being your trustee for Monterey Township, I have enjoyed meeting new people and have gained a lot of experience on how to maintain roads of the township, how the county, towns and townships work together, and financially what it takes to accomplish these feats, especially in the troubled times we are in. With my experience, dedication and community involvement, as your representative of Monterey Township, I promise to represent the people well and maintain and continue the pride that exists in our community. Your vote would be appreciated on Nov. 3. Thank you.



Mark T. Vorst

Residence: Red Maple Court, Ottoville

Age: 51

Relevant experience: Throughout my life, I have built my life through my work ethic and long, hard days. I am a business owner and a farmer. Due to my business, I am fortunate to understand bidding jobs, budgets, work with people to get a task complete, and I have the ability to run many types of equipment with a commercial driver’s license, including construction and farming. I also have firsthand experience developing a subdivision in the township, realizing the collaboration it takes from so many individuals in the community, as well as county and state regulations.

Education: Graduated from Ottoville High School in 1976; two years college at Ohio State University-Lima

Years living in area: I have been a resident of Ottoville my whole life.

Major issues: Monterey Township is a great place to live and raise a family. Our township is always in need of constant upkeep of our roads, whether it be repair or overlaying. The roads need to be under continuous monitoring, regardless of the season, throughout the entire year. As always, there are situations that arise in any position. I feel that I am prepared and knowledgeable in many aspects that would benefit our community.

We must also keep the appearance of our township looking presentable for our community members, along with travelers who are passing through. I will work very hard to ensure the safety of our residents as well as the betterment of Monterey Township.


Ottawa Township trustee (2)


Melvin J. Lammers (incumbent)

Residence: German Street, Ottawa

Age: 77

Relevant experience: 16 years as Ottawa Township Trustee

Education: Graduated from Miller City High School

Years living in area: Lifetime

Major issues: My goals are to ensure public safety, improve the roads and have good communication between trustees and residents.



Steve Leopold

Residence: State Route 15, Ottawa

Relevant experience: Class A commercial driver’s license with experience in ditch maintenance and snow removal, construction; owned and operated a successful family farm for 33 years; three years as fire chief working with the fire board and 18 years as assistant fire chief

Education: Graduate of Ottawa-Glandorf High School

Major issues: Growing up in the Glandorf community, I have always been interested in public service. There has historically been a strong commitment in my family to the organizations that make our community such a vibrant and safe place to live. I feel that my dedication to the public as a member of the Glandorf Fire Department for the past 28 years, as well as leadership experience gained while serving as fire chief for three years, have well prepared me for the role of Ottawa Township Trustee.

I am a hard-working and dedicated person, as is evident by more than 30 years spent in the operation of the family farm. My commitment to my local parish has prepared me to make decisions for our community that are rooted deeply in principle. As someone who has experienced the rich connection of living in the community, I will strive as Ottawa Township Trustee to keep our community a thriving place for future generations.



Donald A. Recker

Residence: State Rt. 65, Ottawa

Party: Conservative

Age: 63

Relevant experience: Raised family of five children alone after the death of my spouse in 1985

Education: Miller City High School graduate

Years living in area: Lifetime resident


Al Rosengarten

Residence: Road 13, Ottawa

Age: 49

Relevant experience: 25 years as co-owner of Rosengarten Construction, Ottawa; 19 years as co-owner of Woodland Acres, Ottawa; experienced in open ditch work and water and sewer installation.

Education: Possess strong people skills, business management and problem-solving skills

Years living in area: 49 years

Major issues: I enjoy working and communicating with people. I always try to use the most cost-effective and economical way to complete projects. My goal is to review any issues with an open mind and to work jointly with the other trustees to make solid decisions that will be beneficial to Ottawa Township.



Dean T. Rosengarten

Residence: Road 7-D, Leipsic

Age: 48

Relevant experience: Currently serving on Ottawa Township Zoning Board for six years, serving as past chairman of the board; maintenance and construction business for 30 years

Education: Graduated from Miller City High School in 1979; four years apprenticeship with International Brotherhood of Carpenters and Millwrights; presently holding a journeyman card in International Brotherhood of Carpenters and Millwrights and UAW

Years living in area: Lifelong resident of Ottawa Township for 48 years

Major issues: I will serve you well as a trustee and will listen to the residents’ needs and concerns.


Kenneth J. Schroeder

Residence: Road 7, Leipsic

Age: 48

Relevant experience: Past grand knight of Ottawa Knights of Columbus

Education: 1979 graduate of Miller City High School

Years living in area: 48

Major issues: I want to work to improve relationships between Ottawa-Glandorf and Ottawa Township. I also want to build economic growth in the township by maintaining and improving infrastructure and maintaining strong fire departments.


Sugar Creek Township trustee (2)


Cliffton D. Collar

Residence: State Route 189, Columbus Grove

Age: 58

Relevant experience: Served two tours of duty in Vietnam with U.S. Marine Corps; fire marshal/inspector at Lima Army Modification Center, now known as the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center; farmer; maintenance work for Allen County, managing all aspects of maintenance at Allen County Children’s Home; employee of Carter Lumber; served on Insurance Board for Allen County

Education: Training from National Fire Academy and Ohio State Fire Academy; hazardous materials training at Eastern Michigan University; Apollo A+ computers; Ohio Fire Safety Inspector

Years living in area: 40-plus years in Sugar Creek Township

Major issues: The major issues include flood mitigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, supporting county and township businesses, safety of roadways and bridges, being fiscally conservative and maintaining our ISO rating to guarantee lower fire insurance costs.

Throughout my career, I have gained a great deal of experience in maintenance functions, heavy equipment, fire/safety inspections, soil and water conservation, farming operations, computer functions, collective bargaining, managing funds, the Ohio Revised Code and OSHA and NFPA regulations. I know the value of every dollar.

If elected, I pledge to devote full-time hours to the position of Sugar Creek Township Trustee.



Gary L. Fickel

Residence: Road 18-R, Columbus Grove

Age: 51

Relevant experience: Farmer for 33 years, full-time for 20-plus years; snow-plow driver for several years.

Education: Graduate of Columbus Grove High School; certificate in drafting technology from Lima Technical College

Years living in area: 51 years

Major issues: If elected, I would work to maintain a safe and attractive community through good stewardship of township resources.


Jim Mull

Residence: Road 17-S, Columbus Grove


David W. Young

Residence: Road 14, Columbus Grove


Union Township trustee (2)


Daniel R. Ellerbrock (incumbent)

Residence: Kalida

Party: Republican

Age: 56

Relevant experience: Presently serving third term as Union Township trustee (12 years), past president of Putnam County Township Association (four years) and served on several local county boards

Education: Kalida High School graduate and attended The Ohio State University-Lima

Years living in area: 56

Major issues: There are several issues facing townships today. Currently, one of the biggest issues facing all townships is the cuts in funding from the state. Townships are responsible for a variety of services, including fire protection, road maintenance, zoning and cemetery upkeep, to name just a few. While the state funding continues to decrease, the mandates remain the same or even continue to grow in some cases. These township responsibilities will continue to require sufficient state funding, and I will continue my efforts to obtain Union Township’s fair share of tax money. I strongly believe that this money needs to reach local government. As a past president of the Putnam County Township Association, I will work with our state legislators to make this happen. I appreciate the opportunity I have had being a township trustee and look forward to serving the people of Union Township in the future.



Mark Kahle

Residence: Road M-10, Columbus Grove

Party: Republican

Age: 45

Education: High school graduate from Kalida High School.

Years living in area: 45

Major issues: I hope to help protect Union Township financially and responsibly. I will be available to respond to the needs of the township when called upon. I am someone that the people on Union Township can rely on and trust.



Gery P. Wurth (incumbent)

Residence: Road 18, Fort Jennings

Party: Republican

Age: 52

Relevant experience: 12-plus years as trustee in Union Township

Education: Kalida High School graduate

Years living in area: 52

Major issues: We need to keep our roads well-maintained and safe. We should help to ensure that our local fire department is well trained and sufficiently equipped. Lastly, we must help keep Union Township a safe place to live and raise our families.

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