National Weather Service: No tornado in Paulding County

HAVILAND — Paulding County Emergency Management Agency Director Edward Bohn said that officials from the National Weather Service ruled Friday that a tornado did not touch down in a storm that caused damage in the county Thursday.

Bohn said that NWS investigator Lonnie Fischer determined that the storm, which caused extensive damage along County Road 133 and near the village of Haviland, was determined to be straight line winds. Fischer determined the winds hit just in excess of 80 miles per hour at their peak.

A total of 940 AEP and 300 Paulding Putnam Electric customers were without power. Paulding Putnam Electric reported all customers would likely have power restored by late Friday. However, substation damage and downed power lines will likely keep AEP customers without power for several days.

Bohn said the villages of Scott and Grover Hill along with Haviland received the brunt of the damage from the storm.
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