Jim Krumel: Some great stories aren’t so great

By Jim Krumel - jkrumel@civitasmedia.com

Jim Krumel

She spoke quickly as the excitement in her voice spilled from the telephone.

Like several others before her, she wanted to tip off The Lima News about the great story she read on social media: Actor Bill Murray’s unscheduled visit to Lima.

“You know who I’m talking about,” she said. “Mr. Ghostbuster himself.”

As kind as she was, another man was outright nasty in pummeling us, stating The Lima News would never write about Murray’s visit because “it’s good news about our city.”

Well, here it goes. The story comes from the KNR 6 News website on Feb. 17:

LIMA, Ohio – During a radio interview this morning, Hollywood actor Bill Murray took a moment to praise Lima, Ohio, residents who had helped him with a mechanical issue with his rental car as he passed through the city recently:

“We were just leaving the city limits of Lima, Ohio when the car overheated or something so I pulled it over to the side of the road and within just a minute or two there were a couple of cars that pulled over to help me out. I told them that I was on the phone with the rental car company but one of them had a brother who owned a tow truck and a few minutes later it was there and he towed it to a place nearby to get fixed. So then the one guy finds out that I’m not from there and offers to take me in to get lunch while my car is getting fixed and I’m thinking, ‘Sure, what the hell.’ So we drove to the finest dining spot in Lima – some place called Kewpee Hamburgers – and got a burger. Great freakin’ burger too. These guys had no idea who I was either which made my day, honestly.

“I’m telling you, these people in Lima are the real deal. I’m going to move there after I retire,” Murray said with a laugh.

Murray added later, “You have to understand, this is something that would’ve never happened in L.A.! So yeah, that’s my story about Lima, Ohio. It’s nice to know there are still places like this in America.”

So, what do you think?

Great story?

It would be a great story if not for one problem — it’s not true.

That’s made clear when you go beyond the story link and check out the KNR 6 News website. After you get past all the ads telling you how to fix your sagging, wrinkling face, you’ll find a rather large disclaimer. It states knr6.com is a satirical news website. It explains that none of the articles on knr6.com should be considered true, stating they “are simply works of satire meant for entertainment purposes.” It goes on to note all of its stories “contain absurdities, humor, or exaggerations that are meant to poke fun at our celebrity obsessed cultures and the politically correct world we’re forced to live in.”

In other words, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

ROSES AND THORNS: There’s music coming out of the rose garden.

Rose: To Patricia Meeks, retired band director at Shawnee High School. She was honored with the 2017 Distinguished Service Award, the highest award given by the Ohio Music Education Association. Meeks taught for 36 years at Shawnee.

Rose: To Jon Derryberry and Steven Oren. They have been officiating high school basketball as a team since 1984, working nearly 2,000 games and traveling thousands of miles to gyms across Northwest and West Central Ohio.

Rose:To Lima Central Catholic Hall of Fame inductees: Tom Barnhart, David Kriegel, Patti Guagenti Kennedy, Pat Shanahan Black and Jim Kessen.

Rose:To Matt Treglia, 45, who was appointed as Allen County sheriff.

Rose: To Dennis Williams, for his service as a Lima City school board member, including four years as its president. Williams manages 12 MC Sports stores in three states and will be extra busy dealing with the retailer’s closure.

Thorn: The BP station at the intersection of Allentown and Cable roads, which is one of Lima’s busier intersections, was robbed by a knife-wielding man at 8:40 p.m. on a Sunday. The clerk did have a great description of the thief, saying he was a short, skinny white guy with blue eyes and a big nose.

PARTING SHOT: “Give God what’s right, not what’s left.” — a preacher to his congregation.

Jim Krumel
http://www.limaohio.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/54/2017/02/web1_Jim-Krumel-4.jpgJim Krumel

By Jim Krumel


Jim Krumel is the editor of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0391 or at The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio 45807.

Jim Krumel is the editor of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0391 or at The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio 45807.

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