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By Dr. Adam Ferguson

Fluffy Little Fart. That‚??s what her AKC papers read.

Mutley. From the old show ‚??Mac and Mutley.‚?Ě

Names for pets run the gamut from the simple (Dog, Cat or Kitty) to the quite complicated (Azimov Newtonsnook).

Some people apply very straightforward principles in their naming system, such as simply labeling the pet by its coat color. For instance, black dogs are named Blackie, brown dogs are named Hershey or Cocoa, and reddish-brown dogs are named Rusty.

Similarly, calico cats are named Cali or Patches, grey cats are named Smoky, and black cats are named Midnight.

However, some pet owners employ more complex criteria when naming their beloved furry dependents. Such as calling the pet by the name of the location at which it was found. This could be as plain as Car Wash. Yet, it could be as beautiful as Eldora Starlight.

Others incorporate favorite authors, scientists, and athletes into their pets‚?? names. Azimov Newtonsnook, a conjunction of Isaac Asimov (author) and Isaac Newton (scientist). Griffey, after baseball legend Ken Griffey Junior.

Clients do things with their furry kids that they never would have dreamt of doing with their human children. Such as spoiling their pets and overfeeding them. Letting them stay up too late. And not waiting up to see who they were out catting around with. But naming their pets may be where it begins.

According to babycenter.com, the top children‚??s names for 2011 were as follows:

For girls: Sophia, Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Lily, Chloe, Madison, Emily and Abigail.

For boys: Aiden, Jackson, Mason, Liam, Jacob, Jayden, Ethan, Noah, Lucas and Logan.

VPI, or Veterinary Pet Insurance, has more than 450,000 pets insured. That is a huge database from which to pull information relating to dog and cat ailments. One of the fringe benefits of that volume of information includes having access to a diverse range of names.

According to VPI, the top pet names for 2011 were as follows:

For dogs: Max, Molly, Buddy, Bella and Lucy.

For cats: Max, Chloe, Lucy, Tigger and Tiger.

For the last four years VPI has been keeping track of the wackiest pet names registered every year. The wackiest dog names for 2011 were as follows: Almost-A-Dog, Franco Furter, Stinkie Mcstinkerson, Sir Seamus Mcpoop, Audrey Shepburn, Dewey Decimell, Knuckles Capone, Beagle Lugosi, Shooter Mclovin and Uzi Duzi Du.

The wackiest cat names for 2011: Ozzy Pawsbourne, Mr. Meowgi, Murderface, Fuglee, Scruffernutter, Corporal Cuddles, Cat Masterson, Spam, Tape W. Orm and Louisiana Purchase.

Wacky dog names that were not in the top ten but were noteworthy include: Sir Chomps-A-Lot, Baron Von Furrypants, Dexteronimous Prime and Swarles Barkley.

Notable wacky cat names that were not in the top ten: Kung Fu Kitty, Door Stop, Frisky Mckracken and Sir Wigglesworth.

Pet names themselves can be quite interesting. Dogs named Boognish, Deoge (pronounced D-O-G), Fudge Factor, Glabrazu, Hog Jaws Jenga, Itzza, Millie Nium (millennium), Miss Demeanor, Sir Budrick of Barkingham and Yeahbit.

Cats named Ballibushka, Biggles, Catapult, Jellybean, Jet Lag, Gavin Backpack, Mehitabel and Maia Moogie.

However, it is the story behind some of the names that adds an extra layer of depth. A cat named BA (for Bad Attitude). Another cat named TC (for Tim‚??s Cat, because the wife did not want that cat to come home).

A little white foo-foo dog named Shagnasty. Owned by a sweet little old lady. No back-story provided with that one. No back-story asked for.

My prediction for the top pet name of 2013: Fergie. While evoking an obvious sense of wisdom and masculinity, it also conjures up images of beauty. Such as Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. And Fergie, the female vocalist of the Black Eyed Peas. Brains, brawn and good looks ‚?Ľ one name that says all that.

Dr. Adam Ferguson is co-owner of Baker Animal Hospital in Cridersville. If you have a really good pet name, or a really good story that goes with your pet‚??s name, please share it with us at Facebook.com/BakerAnimalHospital. ‚??F to the E, RG, the I, the E.‚?Ě

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