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This weekís Smartsource insert has several great coupons. They are featuring diaper, sun lotion, dental, food and cleaning product coupons.

This week Iíll go over how to save money on baby items. We all know babies are expensive! What some people donít know is that it doesnít have to be so expensive. You can purchase very nice baby products at an affordable price versus settling for products that arenít so great. Donít get me wrong, Iím all about saving money as Iíve mentioned before, so if generic is the better deal, thatís what Iíll purchase. Generally speaking, it isnít.

If you're someone who doesnít have any children at home, you can still follow these deals and sign up for someone who can benefit from it ó or donate the goods to local organizations like Heartbeat of Lima or Guiding Light. Both of these places can use donations for baby products, and there are many more charity outlets in the region.

If youíre expecting or planning to have a baby, it's best to take advantage of deals as they come along ahead of time. Below youíll find a few ways to save on baby products to help get you started. To sign up for all of the free baby samples, magazines, and freebies head to www.StephanieSavings.net and click the newly added Baby/Childrenís tab.

Formula and baby food is one of the most expensive items to purchase for your baby. I was a breastfeeding mom to avoid the cost. My first child was formula-fed baby, and it was very expensive. I knew the second time around I wanted to avoid that cost. Not only is this a cheaper way to go, itís the healthiest way to go. Not all moms are able to do this, though, and thatís understandable. So, formula is very much needed.

Different formula companies offer free samples and coupons. Itís never a good idea to switch brands when it comes to formula. This isnít good for your babyís tummy. Once you find a brand that you like, you can always sign up for free samples. They usually send a few cans of formula randomly and formula checks. These range anywhere from $5 off to $25 off your formula purchase. Iíve even seen some women get an entire case of newborn premade bottles from some formula companies when they sign up. When the formula is on sale, you can usually get it free with those formula checks. The checks are usually sent out four times a year. They wonít cover the cost of all your formula, but it certainly helps.

Another thing you can do is watch the store promotions. For example, Meijer might offer a $10 gift card with the purchase of two cans of formula or CVS may give you a $10 Extrabuck reward when you purchase $25 worth of baby products. You can add in the formula checks to lower your out-of-pocket cost and take advantage of the promotions at the same time.

Baby food can also add up. There are free samples and coupons for baby food as well, but I made my own. Itís not as hard as it may seem. My kids did not like baby food. Making your own can also be healthier for your children and cost a lot less for you. You donít need any expensive equipment, just a few ice cube trays, freezer bags (that you can reuse over and over), and the food, which goes a long way.

Diapers are the other big need ó and they're very costly. Using cloth diapers is the cheaper way to go, and you can usually catch a few free or discounted deals online. However, not all moms prefer cloth diapers. Iím one of them. So, I always stocked up on diapers when they were at their lowest price and created a very decent stockpile of diapers before and after my kids were born. My stock-up price at that time was $2 or less for Huggies and Pampers. Nowadays, deals that low are hard to come by, but anything $4 or less for name brand is a good deal in my opinion. When in doubt, take the cost of the diapers and divide it by how many diapers are in the package/box. This will tell you the price per diaper.

If I didn't find a good deal, I purchased store brands to get me through. But remember, that's not usually the best way to go. Purchasing name brand can be to your benefit since they offer coupons, have reward programs ó and like the formula promotions at the stores ó you can earn back store rewards.

You can save money on bottles, pacifiers, wipes and more just by following store promotions. There are also coupons available for clothes. Head over to www.StephanieSavings.net to see details on signing up and getting these offers.

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