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I have been done with winter for two months.

At this point, Iím ready to shed my boots and heavy coat. Letís toss the shovels to the curb and wash the salt off the car, one last time.

I want my sunglasses to be necessary. I want to smell coconut oil everywhere I turn. I canít wait until my steering wheel is so hot I can barely touch it when I leave work at the end of the day.

Good times.

But alas, itís only February. Mid-February.

My options for warmth remain at my fireplace and in the seat warmer my husband bought me two years ago for the car. Both are fine to keep me warm, but do little to boost my spirits.

Enter life-saving chocolate.

After much study, I do firmly believe that Valentineís Day and the arrival of Girl Scout cookies are February events designed solely to lift spirits like mine. They have nothing to do with greeting card conspiricies or entreprenurial young women.

Munching a sleeve of Thin Mints or an entire box of Samoas really does lift my spirits. Sure, it plays havoc with weight gain, but I wonít step again on the scales until summer. Thatís the exercising time of year. Until then, itís hunker down and do what you have to do to get through.

Also on the February slate, Mardi Gras. Nothing says ďput a smile on your faceĒ more than a well-timed paczki with my second cup of morning coffee. Fat Tuesday events? You canít convince me. I am certain that holiday was created just for the sugar jolt we all need in the dead of mid-February.

I have even seen a few advertisements promising the opening of my favorite ice cream parlors. I can taste the hot fudge now.

Is it happenstance that this sweet chocolate overflow always comes in February? I think not. I believe these are Godís gifts to Kim to tell me to hang in there just a little while longer.

Studies have shown that chocolate really is a mood boosting food. And the darker the chocolate the more the boost. I do point out to my husband that my craving for dark chocolate is just me being ahead of the curve in knowing that random fact.

Last yearsí winter didnít seem to warrant as much of a chocolate fill-up as this year. Perhaps itís the snow-fall amounts this year. Surely thereís a correlation between driving on slick roads and the need to consume a box of chocolate-covered cookies when arriving at your destination.

I broke open my first box of Samoas one night last week. The work day had ended, all laundry was done, and the puppy was busy chewing on her evening biscuit. Quiet time.

I found a spot in front of the fireplace. The warmth on my back reminded me of sitting in the sun on a glorious July day. The vacation in my mind had already begun.

The first taste of cookie was heaven in biscuit form. That coconut topping on a bed of dark chocolate smelled as good as it tasted. The caramel and cookie combined to create the closest thing to perfection Iíd tasted that day.

Cookie one went down fast. So did cookie two.

And before I knew it, the first row in the box was gone.

Slow down Kim, I told myself. I turned on the television, determined to curb my enthusiasm as well as my appetite.

But the box called me. I answered, and before I knew it, row two was gone. There was only one row left. I wanted to wait, but gluttony was my friend. Entire box, gone.

My face was as chocolate-covered as my fingers. I was a chocolate mess, but I was in a good mood.

I looked out the window and watched the snow fall. Gosh, I never realized before how pretty it looked gracefully dropping to the ground.

And thereís the beauty of winter. For the remainder of this month, I will celebrate the February flow of chocolate.

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