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The story

Jurassic Park is safe, explains a staff scientist. ‚??There‚??s no unauthorized breeding because all the animals are females. We‚??ve engineered them that way.‚?Ě Mathematician/chaos theorist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) is not convinced. ‚??Life will not be contained,‚?Ě he says. ‚??Life finds a way.‚?Ě Remember Steven Spielberg‚??s 1993 sci-fi film, ‚??Jurassic Park‚?Ě? See it again, with 3-D velociraptors in the kitchen terrorizing the children, and a 3-D T. rex gaining ground in the Jeep‚??s rear-view mirror.

A powerful tropical storm is coming, the park‚??s computer system is shutting down, the children are missing, the T. rex and velociraptors have escaped their compounds. Who will survive? See this blockbuster again ‚?? or for the first time ‚?? to find out.

The actors

‚??Jurassic Park‚?Ě is an old-fashioned sci-fi/creature movie, so actors have more to do than run, shout and blow things up. Unlike contemporary action flicks, ‚??Jurassic Park‚?Ě has exposition, information we need to know before the action starts, so a bit of time passes until the T. rex makes his entrance (the great white shark waited a while in ‚??Jaws,‚?Ě too). Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum are skeptical scientists doctors Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm, visiting developer John Hammond‚??s island theme park to help convince investors that all is safe. Richard Attenborough is enthusiastic, P.T. Barnum-esque Hammond who says, ‚??Creation is a matter of sheer will.‚?Ě

Others in the cast include Samuel L. Jackson, B.D. Wong, Bob Peck and Wayne Knight as sometimes reliable park employees, and Martin Ferrero as unfortunate lawyer Donald Gennaro. ‚??I don‚??t care for lawyers, actually,‚?Ě says Hammond. ‚??Do you?‚?Ě

Other comments

‚??Jurassic Park,‚?Ě 20 years old, remains a satisfying sci-fi entertainment, with cracker-jack story, great special effects and talented cast. Michael Crichton and David Koepp adapted Crichton‚??s novel with a smart, if somewhat talky, script. Steven Spielberg directed. New 3-D effects enhance the pleasures of the film, especially the memorable sequences ‚?? T. rex attacks Jeeps (‚??T. rex doesn‚??t want to be fed,‚?Ě says Dr. Grant. ‚??He wants to hunt.‚?Ě) and velociraptors‚?? 6-inch claws clicking on the kitchen floor as the kids cower. Cups of water and plates of Jell-O ripple and quiver at T. rex‚??s approach.

Rated PG for intense science-fiction terror, ‚??Jurassic Park‚?Ě runs 127 minutes. It‚??s not for little kids, but you can discuss the film‚??s take-away with older siblings on the way home. ‚??Just because we can do something,‚?Ě says Goldblum, ‚??doesn‚??t mean we should.‚?Ě What‚??s that about?

Final words

Spielberg‚??s ‚??Jurassic Park,‚?Ě

Dinosaurs in 3-D,

Fun to remember,

Even more fun to see.

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