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Six players and two coaches from the area received special recognition on the All-Northwest District football teams, released Thursday.

Leading the way for special honors were Delphos St. John’s and Elida.

In Division VI, Delphos St. John’s linebacker Chris Pohlman was the All-District Defensive Player of the Year. Pohlman, who was first team all-state last year, had 80 tackles.

St. John’s offensive lineman Austin Vogt was named the Division VI Co-Lineman of the Year.

In Division III, Elida quarterback Reggie McAdams was named the Offensive Player of the Year. In 10 games, McAdams completed 157 of 238 for 2,327 yards. He threw 31 TDs with three interceptions.

Elida coach Jason Carpenter was named the Coach of the Year. Carpenter went 0-10 each of his first two years, before going 5-5 last year. This year the Bulldogs went 8-2 in the regular season and advanced to the second round of the playoffs.

In Division II, Wapakoneta’s Doug Frye was named the Co-Coach of the Year. In Frye’s first year at Wapakoneta, he took a team that went 1-9 the previous year and finished 7-3 this season.

In Division IV, Kenton quarterback Maty Mauk was named the Offensive Player of the Year. In the regular season, Mauk completed 293 of 436 for 4,319 yards. He threw 53 TDs.

Ottawa-Glandorf linebacker Jeff Siefker was named the Defensive Player of the Year. Siefker, who was first team all-state last year, had 127 tackles, 11 for loss and one interception this year.

In Division V, Lima Central Catholic tackle Anthony Kimbrough was named the Co-Lineman of the Year. Kimbrough and his linemen helped LCC run for 2,040 yards, pass for 2,022 and score 42 points per game.

A large number of players received first team all-district honors.

Among those, Lima Senior defensive back Dashon Bates was named first team all-district in Division I.

In Division II, Wapakoneta had offensive lineman Chris Schwartz, running back Logan Erb, defensive back Cale Tabler and punter Mickey Grothause all make first team.

In Division III, first team players on offense were Elida wide receiver Austin Etzler and Elida’s McAdams. First team players on defense included Elida linebacker Ross Harmon and Elida defensive back Kevin Kraft. Shawnee’s Seth Rosenbauer was named the first team punter.

In Division IV, Bath running back Aaron Smith was named to the first team. Ottawa-Glandorf’s first team players were offensive lineman Ross Ellerbrock, Siefker and defensive back Adam Hershberger.

In Division V, LCC players named to the first team were utility player Bubba Krieg, Kimbrough, defensive lineman Sam Huffman and punter Tyler O’Connor.

Delphos Jefferson’s Kody Richardson received first team honors on the defensive line.

In Division VI, St. John’s first team players were Vogt, running back Evan Burgei, defensive lineman Derek Klaus, Pohlman. Ada first team players were wide receiver Alex Weber, offensive lineman Robert Guyton, quarterback Konnor Baker, defensive lineman Tanner Craig and linebacker Aaron Weyer. Leipsic’s Derek Mangas made the first team as a utility player for offense while Tre Lopez was a defensive selection. Pandora-Gilboa’s Troy Stevenson was first team defense.




Northwest All-DistrictCOLUMBUS — The 2010 Associated Press Northwest All-District football teams based on the recommendations of a media panel:DIVISION IFirst TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Cheatham Norrils,Tol. St. John’s, 6-0, 187, sr.,  Steve Slocum, Perrysburg, 6-1, 185, soph., Greg Brown, Fremont Ross, 5-11, 190, sr. Linemen—Chris Reaper, Tol. Whitmer, 6-4, 230, sr., Jack Miller, Tol. St. John’s, 6-4, 270, sr, Ray Okdie, Sylvania Southview, 6-4, 325, sr., Andy Kujawa, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 6-2, 230, sr.  Adam Miranda, Fremont Ross, 6-2, 215, sr. Backs—Jody Webb, Tol. Whitmer, 5-7, 160, jr., Nate White, Tol. St. John’s, 6-1, 196, sr., Tylor Trautwein, Fremont Ross, 6-0, 200, sr. Quarterback—Brogan, Roback, Tol. St. John’s, 6-4, 163, soph., Kicker—Brandon Smith, Tol. St. John’s, 5-11, 183, jr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Chris Wormley, Tol. Whitmer, 6-6, 250, jr.; Kenny Hayes, Tol. Whitmer, 6-5, 245, jr.; Micah Carter, Perrysburg, 5-9, 235, jr.; Jared Walker, Fremont Ross, 5-11, 195, jr. Linebackers—Kent Kern, Tol. St. John’s, 6-1, 215, jr., Jake Pennese, Tol. St. John’s, 6-0, 220, jr., Jamar Ridley, Tol. Whitmer, 5-11, 225, jr., D.J. Pullom, Findlay, 6-2, 188, jr. Backs—Mark Meyers, Tol. Whitmer, 6-1, 175, jr., Allen Gant, Sylvania Southview, 6-2, 208, jr.  Dashon Bates, Lima Senior, 6-1, 185, sr.  De’Nard Pinckney, Sylvania Southview, 6-2, 195, sr. Punter—Joseph Davidson, Findlay, 6-6, 175, soph.Offensive player of the year: Cheatham Norrils, Tol. St. John’s.Defensive player of the year: Chris Wormley, Tol. Whitmer.Lineman of the year: Jack Miller, Tol. St. John’s.Coach of the year: Doug Pearson, Tol. St. John’s.Second TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Skylar Reffner, Fremont Ross, 6-2, 170, jr.; Dylan Bunk, Findlay, 5-11, 175, jr. Linemen—Nick Brunner, Tol. St. John’s, 6-5, 260, jr., Jake Eckel, Perrysburg, 6-2, 230, sr., Storm Norton, Tol. Whitmer, 6-7, 240, jr., Eric Blume, 6-2, 225, sr., Joey Gajewicz, Sylvania Southview, 6-0, 292, sr. Backs—Tre Sterritt, Tol. Whitmer, 5-11, 170, soph., Keithie Lasenby, Lima Senior, 5-8, 185, jr.  Marvin Owens, Marion Harding, 5-9, 165, sr., Quarterback—Matt Slocum, Perrysburg, 6-1, 185, sr.  Matt Spragg, Findlay, 6-3, 225, sr. Kicker—Jared Kenczewicz, Tol. Whitmer, 6-1, 165, sr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Andrew Maciolek, Tol. Whitmer, 6-1, 240, sr.; Miles Ashleman, Tol. St. John’s, 6-2, 242, jr., Kenny Reau, Sylvania Southview 6-0, 230, sr., Tayo Osinowo, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 5-9, 185, sr. Linebackers—Mike Gross, Sylvania Southview, 5-11, 185, jr., Mike Bodi, Tol. Whitmer, 6-2, 210, jr., Isaiah Stinson, Lima Senior, 6-2, 215, jr., Gene Rucker, Marion Harding, 6-0, 205, sr. Backs—Alex Henry, Findlay, 5-11, 181, sr., Drew Starks, Fremont Ross, 5-10, 140, soph. Punter—Steve Pavelko, Perrysburg, 6-1, 180, sr.Special MentionZach Grohowski, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne; Matt Green, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne; Alex Bridges, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne; Jack Henry, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne; Zach Kolvey, Perrysburg; Ryan Pierson, Perrysburg; Alec Gaston, Perrysburg; Nigel Hayes, Tol. Whitmer; Alex Palicki, Tol. Whitmer; Konnor Chuba, Sylvania Southview; Troy Favorite, Tol. St. John’s; Nate Pearson, Tol. St. John’s; Aaron Gabriel, Marion Harding; Cody Ramsey, Findlay; Tyler Campbell, Findlay; Dillon Boes, Findlay; Alonzo Lucas, Tol. Whitmer; Zach Steinmetz, Tol. St. John’s, JaDarian Bowers, Sylvania Southview  Tyler Wolf, Fremont Ross  Trent Stout, Fremont Ross, Cody Kish, Oregon Clay, Bobby Hoffman, Oregon Clay.DIVISION IIFirst TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Chris Jones, Tol. Start, 5-10, 175, jr.; Corbin Frankhouse, Maumee, 6-1, 180, sr.; Chris Thomas, Ashland, 6-0, 183, sr. Linemen—Kyle Cameron, Tol. Central Cath., 6-2, 280, sr.; Chris Boles, Tol. Central Cath., 6-4, 340, sr.; Hunter Stanley, Tol. St. Francis, 6-3, 265, jr.; Chris Schwartz, Wapakoneta, 6-0, 235, jr.; Cody Hickey, Ashland, 6-2, 260, sr. Backs—Calebb Goings, Tol. Central Cath., 5-11, 190, sr.; Logan Erb, Wapakoneta, 6-0, 220, sr.; Cordney Strickland, Sandusky, 6-1, 185, sr. Quarterback—Marcus Fuller, Ashland, 6-0, 200, sr; . Kicker—Michael McGowan, Tol. St. Francis, 5-10, 150, jr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Kevin Williams, Holland Springfield, 6-2, 275, sr.; Delroy Chance, Tol. Central Cath., 6-1, 280, sr.; Jaron Green, Sandusky, 6-2, 256, sr.; A.J. Peters, Ashland, 6-2, 215, sr. Linebackers—Evan Karchner, Maumee, 5-11, 220, jr.; Derek Batt, Bowling Green, 6-0, 205, sr.; Phil Henderson, Sandusky, 5-10, 184, sr.; Mike Montana, Norwalk, 6-1, 168, sr. Backs—Matt Williams, Maumee, 6-2, 185, sr.; Cale Tabler, Wapakoneta, 5-10, 165, sr.; Jacob Dixon, Ashland, 6-0, 175, sr.; Jacob Supron, Mansfield Senior, 6-0, 160, sr. Punter—Mickey Grothause, Wapakoneta, 6-0, 170, sr.Offensive player of the year: Marcus Fuller, Ashland.Defensive player of the year: Kevin Williams, Holland Springfield.Lineman of the year: Kyle Cameron, Tol. Central Cath.Coaches of the year: Mike Franklin, Sandusky, Doug Frye, Wapakoneta.Second TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Trevor Ishee, Norwalk, 6-1, 185, sr.; A.J. Beddow, Lexington, 5-11, 180, sr.; Brandon Nalley, Lexington, 5-10, 165, sr. Linemen—Robbie Peace, Bowsher, 6-1, 305, sr.; Chris Castillo, Tol. Central Cath., 6-2, 280, sr.; Maverick Liles, Wapakoneta, 6-0, 220, sr.; Nicky Tyner, Ashland, 6-4, 300, sr.; Ryan Gregory, Tol. Central Cath., 6-1, 250, sr. Backs—Dijon Tucker, Tol. Bowsher, 5-11, 190, sr.; Jake Wawrzyniak, Tol. St. Francis, 5-8, 170, sr.; Terrell Dorsey, Mansfield Senior, 5-11, 205, jr. Quarterback—Jake Schneider, Maumee, 5-10, 175, jr. Kicker—Jake Olman, Maumee, 6-3, 185, sr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Tre Mack, Tol. St. Francis, 6-0, 207, sr.; C.J. Marious, Tol. Central Cath., 6-3, 240, sr.; Addison Hirschfeld, Sylvania Northview, 5-11, 207, sr.; Trevor Raines, Wapakoneta, 5-10, 170, sr. Linebackers—Brian Lee, Tol. Start, 5-11, 215, jr.; Zach Ferenbaugh, 6-0, 185, sr.; Jaylen Guvevara, Sandusky, 6-1, 220, sr.; Chris Lester, Lexington, 6-1, 220, sr. Backs—Mike Bell, Tol. Central Cath., 6-1, 180, sr.; Danny Yodzis, 6-3, 205, sr.; Eric Daniels, Tol. Bowsher, 6-0, 180, sr.; Greg Stoll, Wapakoneta, 5-9, 160, sr. Punter—Patrick Wesolowski, Tol. Central Cath., 6-1, 175, jr.; Zach Bernhard, Ashland, 6-3, 200, jr.Special MentionAmir Edwards, Tol. Central Cath.; John Perrin, Tol. Central Cath.; Jim Johnston, Tol. Central Cath.; Allen Cook, Tol. Bowsher; Marquise Moore, Tol. Bowsher; A.J. Carswell, Tol. Bowsher; Robbie Cole, Maumee; Leroy Alexander, Holland Springfield; Albert Phillips, Holland Springfield; Trey Smith, Wapakoneta; Connor Pickens, Wapakoneta; Jake Fetherolf, Norwalk; Willie Moore, Ashland; Terrance Deener, Mansfield Senior; Mitch Tridico, Mansfield Senior; Torry Bradshaw, Mansfield Senior; Jon Bessick, Mansfield Senior; Michael Bixler, Ashland; Jeff Keplinger, Ashland; Andrew Hunt, Lexington; Tyler Jackman, Lexington; Tanner Kearns, Lexington; Christian Brown, Lexington; Cody Thompson, Mansfield Madison; Alex Groff, Mansfield Madison; Jordan Lane, Maumee, Josh Stump, Tol. Central Cath.; Dustin Crabtree, Norwalk; Derek Gallik, Lexington; Greg Galloway, Ashland; Dionte Rozier, Tol. Start; Royce Kantner, Wapakoneta.DIVISION IIIFirst TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Kahl Knapke, Celina, 5-9, 170, sr.; Austin Etzler, Elida, 6-2, 180, jr.; Damond Powell, Tol. Rogers, 6-0, 165, sr. Linemen—Alex Hey, Bryan, 6-8, 275, sr.; Caden Chapman, Tiffin Columbian, 6-2, 230, sr.; Felix Fowler, Tol. Rogers, 6-7, 325, sr.; Brandon Eldridge, Shelby, 6-3, 290, sr.; Jake Grzymkowski, Oak Harbor, 6-2, 215, sr. Utility—Zach Strine, Shelby, 5-8, 165, sr. Backs—Devon Sonnenberg, Napoleon, 5-9, 190, sr.; Derrick Golliday, Tiffin Columbian, 5-11, 190, sr.; Jake Scott Oak Harbor, 5-10, 190, sr. Quarterback—Reggie McAdams, Elida, 6-5, 190, jr. Kicker—Jordan Colson, Clyde, 5-9, 170, sr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Brian Donovan, Celina, 6-0, 240, sr.; Jake Phillips, Bryan, 6-1, 210, sr.; Trevor Strickland, Clyde, 6-6, 235, sr.; Nick Wagoner, Shelby, 6-2, 265, sr. Linebackers—Nate Walker, Napoleon, 5-8, 168, jr.; Ross Harmon, Elida, 6-0, 240, sr.; Bennett Brown, Clyde, 5-9, 225, soph.; Vince Kurtz, Tiffin Columbian, 6-1, 195, sr.; Denver Burks, Shelby, 6-0, 205, sr. Backs—Kevin Kraft, Elida, 6-0, 170, jr.; DerJuan Gambrell, Tol. Rogers, 6-2, 185, sr.; Jesse Hernandez, Tiffin Columbian, 5-10, 170, sr. Punter—Seth Rosenbauer, Lima Shawnee, 6-5, 230, jr.Offensive player of the year: Reggie McAdams, Elida.Defensive player of the year: Jesse Hernandez, Tiffin Columbian.Lineman of the year: Caden Chapman, Tiffin Columbian.Coach of the year: Jason Carpenter, Elida.Second TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Tyler Miller, Wapakoneta, 5-10, 170, jr.; Miles Foos, Bellevue, 6-1, 190, jr.; Mac Wilkerson, Clyde, 6-1. 190, sr. Linemen—Miguel Rodriguez, Bryan ; Nate Sackinger, Elida, 5-9, 260, sr.; Alex Jess, Clyde, 6-2, 225, sr.; Luke Lyden, Bellevue, 6-4, 250, jr.; Carter Mullins, Tiffin Columbian, 6-0, 230, jr. Backs—Colin Blymer, Elida, 5-6, 165, jr.; Richard Hohler, Sandusky Perkins, 5-8, 180, sr.; Will Lance, Shelby, 6-0, 205, jr. Quarterback—Ryan Tittle, Tiffin Columbian, 6-0, 175, sr. Kicker—Nathan Jenkins, Elida.DEFENSE: Linemen—Brandon Rinehart, Shelby, 6-1, 260, sr.; Alex McAdams, Elida, 6-3, 185, sr.; Michael Ebert, Sandusky Perkins, 6-6, 225, sr.; Donntae Franklin, Tol. Rogers, 6-0, 195, sr. Linebackers—Quentin Poling Elida, 6-1, 195, soph.; Trey Runneals, Lima Shawnee, 5-10, 185, jr.; Jack Jacoby, Tiffin Columbian, 6-0, 195, soph.; Brandon Hunt Tol. Rogers, 5-8, 185, sr.; Joey Mallernee, Oak Harbor, 6-2, 180, sr. Backs—Davey Burkett, Oak Harbor, 5-10, 165, sr.; Austin Bentz, Tiffin Columbian, 5-9, 175, sr.; Drew Gerken, Napoleon, 6-4, 181, sr.Special MentionRoss Huber, Napoleon; Derek Hug, Bryan; Brandon Maag, Elida; Kurt Hafeken, Elida; Ryan Bechtel, Lima Shawnee; Hunter Bosch, Lima Shawnee; Thomas Glick, Clyde; Gabe Gilbert, Clyde; Ryan Meyer, Clyde; Zach Yates, Shelby; Dylan Blevins, Shelby; Zach Priesman, Oak Harbor; Josh Warnke, Oak Harbor; Rikki Le, Elida; Tyler Thompson, Elida; Braden Billger, Celina; Jamill Williams, Lima Shawnee; Sam Altenbach, Lima Shawnee; Ian Dukehart, Elida; Mike Bodyke, Bellevue; Daniel Wood, Tiffin Columbian; Cam Cook, Willard; Kyle Fink, Celina.DIVISION IVFirst TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Max Morrison, Kenton, 6-1, 165, sr.; Andrew Tillman, Kenton, 5-10, 155, sr.; Jake Hillman, Huron, 5-11, 170, sr. Linemen— Matthew McKinley, Kenton, 6-4, 225, sr.; Ross Ellerbrock, Ottawa-Glandorf, 6-2, 200, sr.; Joey Bogdon, Huron, 6-2, 270, sr.; Matt Olson, Bellville Clear Fork, 6-1, 230, sr.; Luke Sutter, Genoa, 6-4, 250, sr. Backs— Aaron Smith, Lima Bath, 5-8, 225, jr., Jordan McCune, Bellville Clear Fork, 5-8, 210, sr. Kyle Nutter, Genoa, 5-10, 180, soph. Quarterback— Maty Mauk, Kenton, 6-2, 185, jr. Kicker—Tyler Pickard, Genoa, 5-11, 190, Jr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Austin Kutzli, Wauseon, 5-7, 167, sr.; Charlie Hinkle, Kenton, 6-2, 265, sr., Logan Slavinski, Bellville Clear Fork, 6-3, 215, sr.; Andrew Hayes, Genoa, 6-0, 230, sr. Linebackers—Jeff Siefker, Ottawa-Glandorf, 6-0, 280, Sr.; Bobby Handell, Kenton 6-1, 235, sr.; Kyle Matula, Milan Edison, 6-1, 225, Sr.; Seth Dufendock, Genoa, 6-0, 190, sr. Backs—Derek Truckor, Metamora Evergreen, 5-9, 160, sr.; Adam Hershberger, Ottawa-Glandorf, 6-3, 190, sr.; Caleb Doup, Bellville Clear Fork 5-10, 185, sr.; Garret Scott, Genoa, 6-1, 190, sr. Punter— Lucas Pennington, Metamora Evergreen, 6-4, 205, sr.Offensive player of the year: Maty Mauk, Kenton.Defensive player of the year: Jeff Seifker, Ottawa-Glandorf.Lineman of the year: Andrew Hayes, Genoa.Coach of the year: Dave Carroll, Bellville Clear Fork.Second TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Josh Graves, Port Clinton, 5-11, 170, sr.; Derek Allgier, Genoa, 5-11, 180, sr.; Matt Peck, Ottawa-Glandorf, 6-3, 210, sr.. Linemen— Eric Boger, Metamora Evergreen, 6-5, 235, Sr.; Adam Recker, Ottawa-Glandorf, 6-0, 205, sr.; Nate Long, Clear Fork, 6-0, 225, sr.; Bryan Eyerly, Ontario, 6-2, 280; Matt Keaton, Genoa, 6-4, 250, sr.. Backs—Drew Boatwright, Ontario, 6-0, 185, jr.; Britt Cox, Bucyrus, 5-10, 170, sr., Pernell Conner, Eastwood, 5-10, 215, sr.. Quarterback— Nathan Kahle, Ottawa-Glandorf, 6-1, 182, sr.; Derek Colston, Port Clinton, 6-2, 180, sr. Kicker—Taylor Depew, Eastwood, 5-9, 157, sr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Isaac Jeffers, Kenton 6-4, 235, jr.; Matt King, Huron, 5-10, 170, sr.; Isaiah Finley, Bellville Clear Fork, 5-10, 200, sr.; Casey Wojciechowski, Genoa, 5-10, 190, sr. Linebackers— T.J. Thieken, Metamora Evergreen, 6-3, 190, sr.; Jordan Romick, Huron, 6-0, 205 sr.; Holdan Oyster, Bellville Clear Fork, 5-10, 190, jr.; Zac Bartman, Ontario, 6-0, 195, jr. Backs—Corey Clifton, Van Wert, 6-3, 185, sr.; Kyle Schlombohm, Pemberville Eastwood, 5-11, 152, jr.; Steve Wingo, Port Clinton, 6-2, 165, jr.; Bryce Fackler, Kenton, 6-4, 210, jr. Punter— Jeff Rutherford, Pemberville Eastwood 6-0, 214, sr.Special MentionTrevon Tucker, Fostoria; Dustin Howell, Kenton; Clint Brunow, Kenton; Rory Kaip, Huron; Brandon Kuhlman, Ottawa-Glandorf; Sean Kelly, Kenton; Drey Gamble, Paulding; Jesse Glass, Paulding; Jesse Finney, Wauseon; Dan Hilton, Metamora Evergreen; Gabe King, Kenton; Cody Comstock, Kenton; Derek Rieman, Ottawa-Glandof; Dylan Ellerbrock, Ottawa-Glandorf; Grant Recker, Ottawa-Glandorf; Craig Rieman, Ottawa-Glandorf; Jack Carter, Paulding; Dylan Welch, Paulding, Drey Gamble, Paulding; Austin Reichert, Van Wert; Brian Bollenbacher, Huron; Troy Delamatre, Huron; Dylan Oswalt, Bellville Clear Fork; Sean Weiss, Bellville Clear Fork; Logan Dernbach, Bellville Clear Fork; Jordan Beans, Bellville Clear Fork; Christian Ross, Bucyrus; Kurt McKee, Millbury Lake; Ian Fleetwood, Tontogany Otsego; Donny Sites, Van Wert; Diego Torres-Moreno, Rossford; Andrew Nicholls, Galion; Cory Hirschy, Van Wert; Tom Leahey, Swanton; Dion Bellamy, Bellville Clear Fork; Dan Painter, Lima Bath; Chad McCray, Galion; Connor Massillo, Van Wert; Trent Seiler, Wauseon; Kaleb Raymond, Upper Sandusky; D.J. Recknagel, Rossford; Terry Hensley, Galion; Andrew McFarland, Rossford; Jack Carter, Paulding; Chase Beam, Pemberville Eastwood; Stephen Pastor, Port Clinton; Sean Kelly, Kenton; Nathan Pennington, Millbury Lake.DIVISION VFirst TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Reese Klenke, Coldwater, 6-4, 195, sr.; Cory Siefring, St. Henry, 6-3, 205, sr.; Willy Flanary, Sherwood Fairview; 5-8, 170, sr.; Desmond Sleigh, Archbold, 5-11, 160, sr. Linemen—Austin Tittle, Defiance Tinroa, 5-11, 205, jr.; Anthony Kimbrough, Lima Central Cath., 6-2, 242, sr.; Jake Fannin, Collins Western Reserve, 6-3, 225, sr.; Josh Almanza, Hamler Patrick Henry, 6-0, 205, sr.; Ben Miller, Archbold, 6-3, 265, sr.; Clint Endicott, Ashland Crestview, 6-2, 285, sr. Backs—Kipp McCann, Defiance Tinora, 6-0, 185, soph.; Zach Bermejo, Northwood, 5-10, 179, sr.; Blake Buckhannon, Collins Western Reserve, 5-10, 185, jr.; Mason Minnich, Ashland Crestview, 5-8, 175, jr. Utility—Bubba Kreig, Lima Central Cath., 6-0, 155, sr. Quarterback—Garrett Morton, Archbold 6-3, 190, sr. Kicker—Alex Moser, Tinora, 5-11, 165, sr.DEFENSE: Linemen— Marcus Moser, Defiance Tinora, 5-10, 240, sr.; Kody Richardson, Delphos Jefferson, 6-3, 210, sr.; Sam Huffman, Lima Central Cath., 6-1, 155, soph.; Ethan Patrick, Collins Western Reserve, 6-2, 210, sr.; Xavier Dye, Hamler Patrick Henry, 5-10, 190, sr. Linebackers—Garrick Montgomery, Ashland Crestview, 6-0, 185, jr.; Aaron Rammel, Coldwater, 6-0, 195, sr.; Alex Batt, Defiance Tinora, 6-3, 220, sr.; Bryan Hefflinger, Liberty Center, 6-1, 210, jr. Backs—Devin Jones, Castalia Margaretta, 6-3, 195, sr.; Dylan Schwieterman, St. Henry, 5-11, 185, sr.; Landon Drewes, Defiance Tinora, 6-0, 185, sr.; Noah Keefer, Archbold, 5-11, 165, sr. Punter—Tyler OConnor, Lima Central Cath., 6-0, 160, jr.Offensive player of the year: Garrett Morton, Archbold.Defensive player of the year: Xavier Dye, Hamler Patrick Henry.Linemen of the year: Marcus Moser, Defiance Tinora  Anthony Kimbrough, Lima Central Cath.Coach of the year: Mike Stoll, Collins Western Reserve.Second TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Steven Rahn, Mt. Blanchard Riverdale, 6-2, 185, sr.; Kyle Bergstedt, Hamler Patrick Henry, 5-8, 155, jr.; T.J. Gerken, Archbold, 5-10, 155, jr.; Josh Beverly, Delta, 6-1, 185, sr. Lineman—Gunner Shock, Hicksville, 5-9, 200, jr.; Ethan Gerken, Defiance Tinora, 6-2, 195, sr.; Max Brodbeck, Lima Central Cath., 6-2, 254, sr.; Jacob Patterson, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 6-1, 230, sr.; John Segura, Northwood, 6-1, 214, soph.; Justin Gibson, N. Robinson Colonel Crawford, 5-10, 250. Backs—Corey Yontz, Castalia Margaretta, 5-10, 195, sr.; Eric Puehler, Delta, 6-1, 200, sr.; Lucas Rosebrook, Hamler Patrick Henry, 5-9, 175, jr.; Brandon Robinson, N. Robinson Colonel Crawford, 5-7, 165, sr. Utility—Darren Johnson, Collins Western Reserve, 6-3, 160, sr. Quarterback—Brady Weber, Mt. Blanchard Riverdale, 6-4, 235, sr.; Jack Waldock, Bloomdale Elmwood, 6-0, 195, sr. Kicker—Aaron Bontrager, Archbold, 5-11, 165, sr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Jeff Schliesser, Tinora, 6-3, 180, sr.; Kyle Post, Coldwater, 6-2, 210, sr.; David Gremling, Lima Central Cath., 6-2, 195, jr.; Jake Carrizales, Hamler Patrick Henry, 6-1, 220, soph.; Hayden Stamm, Archbold, 6-0, 180, jr. Linebackers—Seth Klepper, Hicksville; 6-0, 210, jr.; Jeffrey Timbrock, Sherwood Fairview, 6-0, 190, soph.; Nick Whitmore, Northwood, 6-1, 215, soph.; Clay Giesige, Archbold, 5-11, 175, sr. Backs—Rufus Johnson, Lima Central Cath., 5-11, 161, sr.; Zac Cramer, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 5-9, 150, sr.; John Romstadt, Northwood, 5-8, 143, sr.; Alex Wilhelm, Hamler Patrick Henry, 5-9, 170, jr. Punter—Kyle Bergman, Coldwater, 6-0, 160, jr.Special MentionJordan Chapin, Coldwater; Austin Bruns, Coldwater; Hank Bevington, Rockford Parkway; Kyle Stahl, St. Henry; Marshall Gerschutz, Defiance Tinora; Pete Sinn, Haviland Wayne Trace; Gabe Schwaiger, Lima Central Cath.; Jonathan Washington, Lima Central Cath.; Taylor Royster, Lima Central Cath.; Demitrius Williams, Lafayette Allen East; Jordan Vorst, Delphos Jefferson; Ben Moser, Bluffton; Rick Duffman, Mt. Blanchard Riverdale; Seth Davis, Findlay Liberty-Benton; Jed Miller, Findlay Liberty-Benton; Leighton Chambers, Liberty Center; Jeremy Schmitz, Delta; Isaac Rosales, Archbold; Mitchell Schulze, Hamler Patrick Henry; CJ Branham, Ashland Crestview; Joe Whisler, Ashland Crestview; Casey Hout, North Robinson Colonel Crawford; Jarrett Smith, Kansas Lakota; Jay Hannah, Bloomdale Elmwood; Jake Baker, Bloomdale Elmwood; Corey Stump, Lima Central Cath.; Logan Greiner, Kansas Lakota; T.J. Waldock, Bloomdale Elmwood; Grant Weirich, Elmore Woodmore; Jon Steiger, Lima Central Cath.; David Bogart, Northwood; Jason Ford, Rockford Parkway; Jeremy Gillen, Liberty Center; Dylan Horner, Haviland Wayne Trace; Brady Vaught, Findlay Liberty-Benton; Troy Otten, Coldwater; Brock Rieman, Defiance Tinora; Clayton Zaslavsky, Findlay Liberty-Benton; Justin Rohrs, Northwood; Sam Spring, Castalia Margaretta; Zach Picou, N. Robinson Colonel Crawford; Casey Rex, Lafayette Allen East; Mike Prothero, Northwood; Nate Wacek, Bloomdale Elmwood; Tyler Mack, Northwood; Justin Joseph, Liberty Center; Bryan Maldinger, Ashland Crestview; Keagan Hartsock, Montpelier.DIVISION VIFirst TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Taylor Hanes, McComb, 6-1, 175, sr.; Shaile Chamberlain, Antwerp, 6-4, 189, sr.; Greg Schwieterman, Marion Local, 6-0, 155, sr.; Alex Weber, Ada, 6-2, 200, sr.; Zach Brumbaugh, Tol. Christian, 6-1, 159, sr. Linemen—Austin Vogt, Delphos St. John’s, 6-4, 270, sr., Robert Guyton, Ada, 6-3, 270, sr, Jason Reichert, Marion Local, 6-2, 220, sr.  T.J. Griffith, McComb, 6-1, 195, sr.,  Robert Gilliland, Sycamore Mohawk, 6-1, 250, sr., Trent Rowland, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-1, 210, sr. Backs—Evan Burgei, Delphos St. John’s, 5-11, 180, sr., Cam Brown, Arlington, 6-0, 205, sr., Shannon Geren, Edon, 5-8, 180, jr., Caleb Coil, Sycamore Mohawk, 6-0, 170, sr. Utility—Derek Mangas, Leipsic, 5-9, 165, sr. Quarterback—Andrew Dee, McComb, 5-11, 195, sr.  Konnor Baker, Ada, 6-3, 190, jr. Kicker—Eric Ziems, Tol. Christian, 5-10, 155, sr.DEFENSE: Linemen—Derek Klaus, Delphos St. John’s, 6-2, 205, sr., Tanner Craig, Ada, 6-0, 210, sr., Tre Lopez, Leipsic, 5-11, 185, sr., Jeremy Krill, Monroeville, 6-3, 235, sr.  Nathan Anese, Sycamore Mohawk, 5-9, 215, sr.  Bryce Collins, Buckeye Central, 6-1, 275, sr. Linebackers—Chris Pohlman, Delphos St. John’s, 6-3, 240, sr., Aaron Weyer, Ada, 6-1, 225, sr., Brandon Arling, Marion Local, 6-0, 190, sr., Mitchell Gross, Norwalk St. Paul, 6-2, 195, sr., Jonathon Morter, Sycamore Mohawk, 6-0, 205, jr., Nate Long, Fremont St. Joseph, 6-0, 190, sr. Backs—Mason Roth, McComb, 5-11, 150, sr., Troy Stevenson, Pandora-Gilboa, 5-9, 161, sr., Lucas Kennedy, Lakeside Danbury, 5-11, 185, jr., Craig Parker, Sycamore Mohawk, 6-0, 155, sr., Sam Shafer, Buckeye Central, 6-3, 185, sr. Punter—Ty Jolliff, Ada, 5-11, 180, sr.Offensive player of the year: Andrew Dee, McComb.Defensive player of the year: Chris Pohlman, Delphos St. John’s.Linemen of the year: Austin Vogt, Delphos St. John’s  Robert Gilliland, Sycamore Mohawk.Coach of the year: Jason Ratliff, Buckeye Central.Second TeamOFFENSE: Ends—Tyler Fenstermaker, Pandora-Gilboa, 6-0, 162, sr.; Colby Meuleman, Columbus Grove, 6-3, 175, sr.; Logan Sendelbach, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, 6-3, 155, jr.; Nate Glowaski, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-2, 190, sr.; Brant Reardon, Fremont St. Joseph, 6-3, 160, sr. Linemen—Joey Grubenhoff, Delphos St. John’s, 6-2, 220, sr.  Alex Recker, Delphos St. John’s, 6-3, 240, sr., Spencer Wolfe, Columbus Grove, 6-0, 235, sr.  Sam Schroeder, Leipsic, 6-0, 215, sr., Josh Sonnenberger, Edon, 6-1, 225, sr., Travis Baird, Sycamore Mohawk, 5-11, 190, jr. Backs—Kellen Decker, Ada, 5-10, 170, soph., Niles Keller, Marion Local, 6-0, 185, sr.  Alex Finney, Buckeye Central, 5-11, 205, sr., Zak Bowman, Fremont St. Joseph, 6-0, 185, sr. Utility—Auston Hood, Buckeye Central, 6-0, 180, sr. Quarterback—Nick Rightnowar, Tol. Christian, 6-0, 163, sr.  Zach Chatlain, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-4, 195, jr. Kicker—Devin Mangas, Leipsic, 5-11, 153, soph.DEFENSE: Linemen—Cody Brinkman, Delphos St. John’s, 5-10, 186, sr., Tejay Boes, Pandora-Gilboa, 6-5, 267, sr., Brian Walker, McComb, 6-1, 170, sr., Joey Brown, Edon, 6-3, 203, sr.  Nate Heinlen, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-5, 265, sr.  Jeremy Durbin, Fremont St. Joseph, 6-3, 240, sr. Linebackers—Christopher Beaschler, Ada, 6-0, 185, jr.  Dylan Dancer, Delphos St. Johns, 6-1, 195, sr.  Wyatt Herman, Edgerton, 6-0, 205, sr., Austin Inbody, McComb, 5-7, 150, sr., Adam Rosendale, Cory-Rawson, 6-1, 180, sr., Justin Schutz, Pandora-Gilboa, 6-1, 191, sr. Backs—Ryan Densel, Delphos St. Johns, 5-10, 179, jr.  Kyle Parker, Sycamore Mohawk, 6-0, 150, sr.  Seth Rall, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-2, 190, jr.  Matt Mehalko. Fremont St. Joseph, 6-0, 175, sr. Punter—Justin Jones, Monroeville, 5-10, 165, sr.Special MentionAdam Kasier, Minster; Ryan Mescher, Marion Local; Ben Heitbrink, Minster; Chase Paxson, Minster; John Brown, Antwerp; Jacob Adams, Edgerton; Jimmy Radabaugh, Edgerton; Caleb Stark, Edgerton; Ty Bergfeld, Delphos St. John’s; Matt Holden, Convoy Crestview; Greg Martin, Columbus Grove; Devin Verhoff, Columbus Grove; Maclain Dyer, Upper Scioto Valley; Trey Williams, Upper Scioto Valley; Colby Salyer, Upper Scioto Valley; Tanner Hunt, Lima Perry; Danny Sudlow, McComb; Garrett Scling, Arcadia; Trevor Coleman, Arcadia; Jordan Strock, Carey; Steve Vaughn, Carey; Dustin Massie, Carey; Brian Mohr, Arlington; Cody Glick, Arlington; Logan Eaton, Van Buren; Cody Thacker, Rawson Cory-Rawson; Jake Ellerbrock, Leipsic; Trevor Schroeder, Leipsic; Dillon Kleisch, Vanlue; Jacob Heitmeyer, Leipsic; Logan Price, Dola Hardin Northern; Parker Emahiser, North Baltimore; Jerry Brown, McComb; Trevor Schroeder, Leipsic; Sam Ivan, Tol. Christian; Hunter Stephens, Lakeside Danbury; Skyler Old, Monroeville; Ben Ringenberg, Monroeville; Ben Nielsen, Tiffin Calvert; Nathan Mathias, Tiffin Calvert; Jerad Butler, Bucyrus Wynford; Justin Herrnstein, Buckeye Central; Cal Thompson, Lucas; Russell Robinson, Lucas; Dan McQuillan, Lucas; Kody Green, Crestline; Luke Bruce, Crestline; Jared Walker, Attica Seneca East; Josh Reed, Attica Seneca East; Cody Gibson, Tol. Christian; Quinton Nofziger, West Unity Hilltop; Nathan Stark, Edgerton; David Westmeyer, Tol. Christian; Michael Donaldson, Edon; Brandon Ritzler, Tiffin Calvert; Derek Fry, Tiffin Calvert; Jamie Schafer, Attica Seneca East; Austin Harrison, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon; Grant Lochtefeld, Marion Local; Trent Blair, Carey; A.J. Longthorne, Tol. Ottawa Hills; Jacob Carpenter, West Unity Hilltop; Tyler Johnson, Attica Seneca East; Robert Wolpert, Attica Seneca East; Paul Wendt, Fremont St. Joseph; Graham Miller, Tol. Christian; Adam Smith, Norwalk St. Paul; Liam Nadler, Leipsic; Brody Flegal, Edgerton; Jordan Leininger, Delphos St. John’s  Jordan Travis, Columbus Grove  Ryan Stower, Monroeville  Tyler Tyree, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon  Tyler Erwin, Buckeye Central  Mitch Bergman, Marion Local  Thayne Recker, Arlington  Anthony Dodd, Tol. Christian  Isaac Livengood, Norwalk St. Paul  Mike Bossetti, Fremont St. Joseph  Brandon Orians, Carey  Jake Kline, Sycamore Mohawk  Lucas Schank, Attica Seneca East  Cory Long, Monroeville  Nathan Ritzler, Tiffin Calvert  Drew Ashcroft, Van Buren  Aaron Vagedes, Fort Recovery.



Area football standouts grab top district honors
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