Crosley national meet this weekend in county

By Drew Stambaugh

July 8, 2014

The 2014 Crosley Automobile Club Nationals will be held Thursday through Saturday in Wauseon.

The Crosley was an automobile manufactured by the Crosley Corporation and Crosley Motors Incorporated intermittently from 1939-1955. The name comes from Powel Crosley Jr. of Cincinnati, who with the assistance of his brother Lewis, developed two assembly plants to build the subcompact car.

Crosley Jr. was owner of Crosley Broadcasting Corporation and the Cincinnati Reds.

Good gas mileage made the Crosley attractive during World War II and sales peaked in 1948. But by 1952 sales had dropped so far that production ceased.

The Crosley station wagon was the best selling body style for the brand and in 1948 Crosley sold more station wagons than any other car maker. The sedan was the second most popular style.

The events at this year’s meet include the Keystone Region Road Rally. At 5 p.m. Friday, Crosley’s will line up at the fairgrounds and cruise to downtown Wauseon.