Christians need to stand together

May 30, 2014

I can no longer stay silent on all the name-calling taking place from the White House down to our own little town of Lima.

Sad that those who have chosen to believe in God’s word, have become center for attacks just simply by disagreeing with all the “anti-God” agendas being forced on our society. Yet, those who uphold all the attacks and do the name-calling find nothing wrong with their behavior.

Would you accept the fact of torture being done to a young wife and her 20-month-old son plus her unborn baby who are being held in a Sudanese prison simply because she is Christian ? Do you know that they plan to kill her after she gives birth? Wake up people. Who did she harm? Her husband is an American. Only crime was being a Christian, so Islam says.

The talk about the mosque a doctor wants on Allentown Road, and all the hate spewed at anyone who disagrees is just very sad to me. I would urge you to do your homework on the subject of Islam and Sharia Law first.

If a person wants to live by Islam that is their choice. Our military, schools, government are being forced to obey the removal of God. Why? I urge you to find out for yourselves. This is a time when all who believe God’s word need to take a stand.

At a time when government is out of control and standing up for what is wrong and staying silent on what is right, we all should be on our knees in prayer to Jesus.

Debbie Hurst, Lima