Judge sentences man to 5 years for shooting

By Greg Sowinski

April 30, 2014

LIMA — As a judge, David Cheney was furious to have another man in his courtroom involved in a shooting when he should not have had a gun to begin with.

Cheney sent 18-year-old Darquavious Matthews to prison for the next five years to think about actions which nearly killed a man. To the judge, it was obvious Matthews didn’t give it much thought when he pulled a gun and shot at a man who had gotten the better of him in a fight.

“Do you realize you stepped up to the big time in this court? You won’t get probation,” Cheney said referring to the breaks Matthews was given at juvenile court.

Matthews was sentenced on the charge of felonious assault with a gun for shooting at Ladre Collins on Oct. 28. Collins was grazed on his neck and hit in the ear by bullets, but his injuries were only superficial. Matthews and Trey Bailey were charged. Bailey received five years for his role.

Cheney told Matthews he was lucky Collins wasn’t killed or seriously injured.

The judge asked Matthews, who legally cannot own or have the gun, where he obtained the weapon. Matthews said he bought it from a friend he only knew as “Simmy” on the streets. He said he paid $70, and one bullet came with it.

Cheney pressed him on “Simmy’s” real name.

“If he’s a friend, he must be someone you know. What was the name of the man who gave you the gun?” Cheney asked.

Matthews said he didn’t know other than “Simmy.”

The judge asked why he had a gun when he had an extensive criminal record as a juvenile and could not legally own one.

“You had no business having a gun in the first place, period, end of story,” Cheney said.

Matthews said he just wanted a gun.

“I really didn’t need the gun,” he said.

Matthews said he didn’t shoot Collins but did fire the gun toward him.

Cheney seemed to have a hard time believing him.

“What do we have, some raining bullets out on Albert Street?” the judge responded.

The crime happened 60 days after Matthews turned 18. The judge told him he was off to a bad start.