Tell Me About It: Showing off her goats

By Rosanne Bowman

April 6, 2014

1. How did you get interested in goats?

Well, I grew up always going to the fair and I have family members who raise them, so I took some of theirs to get started. As I got older, I wanted to raise them from the very start. I started in 4-H 10 years ago, and I started showing goats nine years ago. It was probably in my sixth year that I started getting does [females], so I could breed them.

2. How many goats do you have and do you have a favorite?

We have 22 babies, 13 does and a billy [male]. I don’t really have a favorite, although I like them when they are babies more than when they get older.

3. If you have 13 does and 22 babies, does that mean they normally have more than one baby at a time?

This year we had one that had quads, but we lost one of them. They can have triplets too, but it is normal for them to have at least two at a time.

4. What kind of goats are they and how big do they get?

These are Boer goats and the does get to be about 200 pounds or lower, and the males get to be 200 pounds or higher. It depends though on their body frame.

5. Why did you decide on goats? What’s special about them?

They have a personality, and they all act differently. You can tell which ones like you and which ones don’t. They don’t all look alike either. They are normally not mean at all. If they don’t like you, they just keep their distance. They are a pretty nice animal.

6. Your mom said they are meat goats so do you sell them for food?

We typically sell them to other 4-H kids to take to market. I’ve sold some does for breeding. I don’t send too many of them to market.

7. How do you take care of them?

It’s kind of basic. You basically give them feed and water. It depends on what you are raising them for as to what grain you give them. For market, they get a mix of grain. The does get pellets to help them maintain their structure, so they can be bred.

8. What’s something that would surprise people about goats?

Probably that they don’t use their horns on people. They may look intimidating, and they might fight with other goats, but they don’t use them on people.

9. So, do you ever name them? Do you get attached?

Yes, I’ve named all the goats we’ve had, and I always get attached.

10. You said you show goats for 4-H. What kind of awards have you won?

I’m really big into showmanship, so I’ve won the senior showmanship class for goats. I got put into the showman of showman class. That is an all senior showmanship class from all the different barns. You then have to show other people’s animals, so I might have to show a pig or sheep or horse — that sort of thing.

11. What do you enjoy the most about having goats?

Being out in the barn is always fun because you get to see how they interact with each other. I just enjoy spending time with them.

12. What are your plans for the future and do they include goats?

I’m a senior at Corey Rawson High School, and I plan on going to college. Hopefully, after I settle down after college, I can get back into raising goats.