North Liberty Garden Club meets

March 26, 2014

Submitted by PAT ANDONACH

The North Liberty Garden Club met on March 13 at Bonnie Wilhite’s log cabin home in the woods with 13 members present. President Betty Yarger called the meeting to order and asked for devotions which were read by Bonnie. The treasurer’s report was then read by Norma Miller.

The roll call was answered to “What is your favorite dried herb, fruit or vegetable?” Penny Bechtel, Arlene Schnebly, and Wilma Kidner like dried fruits, with Bonnie choosing raisins and apricots, Mary Mack likes dried bananas, and Norma Miller mentioned craisins. Several members picked herbs as favorites. Judy Golas likes lavender, with which Carol Johnson agrees and adds rosemary. Marilyn Coon likes basil, Ruth Griffith likes sage and oregano, Pat Bailey chose parsley as her favorite, and Yarger likes to dry sweet Annie. Sue Fox likes all the dried things.

Yarger shared a new addition to our library, Herbal Treasures. Our library is located in her home. She announced that for the May meeting we will meet at North Liberty Church to car pool to Ralph Robinson’s home for a program on bald Eagles. In August, the members will have a gift exchange of something we make, bake or grow. We are to bring the gifts wrapped with our name inside the package.

September’s meeting date is changed to September 9 to go to Denise Coy’s home. Their program this month was “Drying Herbs and Fruit”. In her wonderfully organized manner, member Judy Golas presented each person with a booklet on drying fruits and herbs that she had put together. She also gave each of us a small packet of raisins that she has dried. They are delicious. Three different types of dryers were on display. The door prize was a food drier that Golas provided and was won by Sue Fox. Golas explained that one big benefit of drying food is that it condenses the food and less storage room is required. Also food that is dried stores and keeps well. She does not do it only to save money, but she also knows the quality of the food and how it has been grown. A dryer is the main piece of equipment needed since we would normally have the rest of the items in our kitchen.

Next month members will meet at Pat Bailey’s home on April 10 at 6:30 p.m.; the program will be a presentation of dried flowers by Norma Miller.

Thought for March: Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.