God giveth, Uncle Sam taketh

— Arlene Lee Bachman, Van Wert

March 7, 2014

America, we are so deep in debt. Why? Can’t they budget the money? They have to in their homes. We all do it.

Did we sell America out by sending factories to other countries for cheaper labor, leaving us high and dry? The president and Democrat, Republican, can’t they afford to pay for their own parties and trips wherever they go?

They are not supposed to give themselves raises, but they do. But we can’t. But here’s one for you, they’re going to be generous and give us a raise. Minimum wages are going up. We should be thankful. Should we really pat them on the back?

Wait, a minute here, groceries, health insurance, rent and gas prices. God giveth, the government taketh away.

Then there is the issue of marijuana, meaning it’s a flower, but can be used in cigarettes. It can cause the user to lose control of himself as by giving him a false feeling of well-being or use for health problems.

When they legalize marijuana will the government get a tax cut? Where are these people going to smoke it? In public, their homes? OK, what about children? How is it going to affect them? (Do we care?) Don’t we have enough problems with drinking and driving? Also with cellphones texting when driving.

What do you think?

Arlene Lee Bachman, Van Wert