A blessing for neighborhood

February 18, 2014

I want to nominate my neighbor Dave Desenberg for snow angel.

He clears my driveway and walks after every snow. I live on a corner so there is a lot of snow. If it snows during the day while he is at work, he wants me to leave it for him.

He also does other walks up and down the street. Dave also does the walks for Joe and Dana Murphy who were mentioned in the “roses and thorns” column for being cited for not clearing their walks in a timely manner. Dave does work during the day and does our walks after hours, often when it is quite dark out.

He is out at all hours even when his machine isn’t working well. He refuses money or even a gas card for the machine. I have a bad hip and heavy physical work is difficult for me. He is a blessing to our neighborhood. Thanks a million Dave.

Kellie Pierce, Lima