Many people help us cope with winter

February 13, 2014

This winter Mother Nature has been very nasty. My thanks to all the good Samaritans and their herculean efforts.

A special thanks to all who worked so everyone could continue living their lifestyle:

1.) The Lima News and my carrier.

2.) All utility workers.

3.) My postal carriers.

4.) Those providing transportation.

5.) My landlord for snow removal.

6.) My pharmacy for medications.

7.) Grocery stores.

8.) All those who rescheduled my appointments.

9.) My niece for my errands.

10.) All those who called to check on me.

I hope that naughty Mother Nature will transfer her stuff elsewhere the remainder of the year. I have always called snow Mother Nature’s dandruff. I think it’s time she changed her shampoo.

Frances Junann Smith, Lima