Perfect harmony

By Craig Kelly

January 31, 2014

LIMA — The Civic Center Foundation is kicking off its new “Town Square Live!” performance series with the a capella group Voiceplay at 8 p.m. today at Veterans Memorial Civic Center.

“They put on a phenomenal, energetic, unique show,” Cynthia Wood, CEO of the Civic Center, said. “They’re such a fun, young group.”

Based in Orlando, Fla., Voiceplay is a group of five men: Earl Elkins Jr., Geoff Castellucci, Layne Stein, Eliezer “Eli” Jacobson and Tony Wakim, who perform a wide variety of musical styles while only using their voices. All the background music, including percussion, is voice-generated.

“I sit and try and figure out how they’re making all those noises and those beautiful songs without any instruments,” Wood said.

Voiceplay was even featured on season four of NBC’s The Sing Off and will tour as part of the 33-location Official Sing Off Tour in February and March.

“It’s not your typical a capella show,” Kathy Castellucci, the group’s office manager, said. “Instead of just performing a concert, they instead create an entire musical production using only their five voices.”

Along with tight harmonies and vocal instrumentation, the group will also bring humor to their performance.

“To sit and watch them, they’re very innovative and hilarious,” Wood said. “They do all sorts of comedy routines that are completely engaging.”

“It’s comical, it’s unique, it’s imaginative and it’s an experience that the audience will never forget,” Castellucci said.

Castellucci always enjoys hearing the audience’s reaction at the end of the show.

“I always get to stand in the back of the crowd and hear the laughter and also listen to the comments of surprise and excitement as people are leaving the show,” she said. “It happens every time I watch.”