Richard E. Kanable Chapter Of The 37th Infantry Division Veterans Association

January 28, 2014

Members of the Bucyrus Chapter Of The 37th Infantry Division Veterans Association met this date with the following members present: Doug Wilson, John B. Uhl, John McMichael, Jim Leuthold and Doug Leuthold. The following members were excused: Dick Leuthold, Jim Croneis, Kenny Payne, Jim Mitchell, Donald Fox, Jerry Noblit, Jim Oberlander, and Joe Hart.

The business meeting was held and the following members were elected to serve as officers for the 2014 terms: President – Doug Wilson, Vice President – John B. Uhl, Secretary/Treasurer – John McMichael, Chaplain – Dick Leuthold. Dates and times were established for near-future meetings. Friday, May 16, 2014 at 12:00 Noon a luncheon meeting is scheduled at the Colonel Crawford American Legion Post #181 at 123 East Rensselaer Street in Bucyrus. Saturday, August 9, 2014 at 5:30 pm a family pot-luck picnic meeting is scheduled at Aumiller Park in Bucyrus. The business meeting was adjourned and members traded conversations about their military training.

Jim Leuthold and John McMichael told about some of their fond memories from their active duty together while training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Doug Leuthold told about some interesting things that happened while serving with the foreword observers at Camp Grayling, Michigan. Doug Wilson stated that he was confident that he could have taken the Bucyrus, Galion and Marion units into active duty without any reservation whatsoever that they would have performed at a superior level. This brought agreement from all members present. Mention was made of the Superior Training Awards that were earned by the Bucyrus unit at annual training year after year after year. Their Unit Flag is loaded with achievement streamers earned by the unit in World War 2. Bucyrus can be very proud of the service its residents have given in Our Armed Forces.

The members discussed the need to bring more of those they served with into membership of our Bucyrus Chapter. All service members who served in the 37th Infantry Division or any of the heritage units that were at one time a part of the 37th Infantry Division qualify for membership. Contact any of the members named above for details of how to join.