Bingo game to entice readers in Wapak

By Patricia Ann Speelman

January 25, 2014

WAPAKONETA — There’s a new kind of bingo game in the area that offers players the chance to win gift cards and — even better — discover and learn new things.

The Auglaize County Public District Library System will open Non-Fiction Bingo on Feb. 1. Players can pick up bingo cards at any of the library’s branches, including those in New Bremen, New Knoxville and Minster.

Instead of using markers and a caller, this game entices players to read nonfiction books. Each square on the bingo card lists a Dewey decimal number range that corresponds to topics of books catalogued in the library. A player can borrow any book he or she likes from the topic in the square and read it. When the book has been read, he or she can mark off that square of his or her card.

Players who complete a straight line or four corners by the April 30 deadline will have their names entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card. Players who complete a cover-all will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card.

The game was developed by Karie Maurer-Enneking, youth services coordinator, and Andrea Burton, adult services coordinator, of the library system.

“You can play as many cards as you like,” Maurer-Enneking said Thursday. “You have to explore the various nonfiction sections of the library to decide which track on the card you want to take: a straight line, a diagonal or four corners.”

She said there are multitudinous subjects included in the various sections of the library, a small example of which are folklore, dogs, cookbooks, do-it-yourself crafts and cars.

“You’ll get a different experience [on each track of the cards] through the nonfiction section,” Maurer-Enneking said. “So there could be cookbooks in one square and World War II history in the next.”

The librarians initially thought about the game as a way to get children — who have to read nonfiction books for school requirements — interested in the library’s summer reading program. But it has grown into a game for all ages. The two women have created some bingo cards for adults and others for children.

“Someone can complete a straight line on one card and then get another card,” Maurer-Enneking said. “We’ve mixed up the categories. We’re hoping people will explore different cards or go for the cover-all.”

Participants do not have to live in Auglaize County, but they do need to have Auglaize County Public District Library System library cards. To get a library card, a reader must provide a valid ID card with a current address.

For information, call 419-738-5964.