Oberheim retains seat, newcomers selected

By Drew Stambaugh Enterprise Editor

November 12, 2013

Four candidates battled for three spots on the Swanton Board of Education. The one incumbent in the race, board president Kris Oberheim, was re-elected.

“I am elated to be representing our community again,” said Oberheim. “It’s going to be a great four years!”

Former Swanton teacher and coach Steve Brehmer led the way with 1,110 votes and was followed closely by Oberheim, who had 1,107. Chris Nijakwoski grabbed the final spot with 1,032 votes. David Smith Jr. was fourth with 998.

“I send my congratulations to those elected to serve with me and to colleagues whom I will work with in the future,” said Nijakowski. “Together, with school administrators, teachers, staff members, parents and students, we will aim to ignite students of our school with purpose and ability to succeed despite obstacles, and to prepare students to be productive members of society. Within this, we will provoke clear and convincing evidence that failure is not an option.”

He appealed to his colleagues to collaborate and to “give our students the world.”

“Despite any adversities that may be experienced, let us find joy in making these upcoming school years very positive. Our community deserves no less,” said Nijakowski.

Brehmer said that after being associated with Swanton Local Schools in some capacity for the last 30 years, he looks forward to continuing the journey as a member of the board of education.

“I look forward to continuing to grow as a district and I’m determined to tackle any and all challenges we may face,” said Brehmer. “I would also like to thank the voters of the Swanton Local School District for showing their support of me by electing me to the board of education. I intend to work extremely hard to justify their faith in me.”


In the race for Swanton Village Council all four winners have council experience. Current council members were the top three vote getters.

Tamara Haselman led the way with 487 votes, followed by Michael Rochelle with 481 and Paul Dzyak with 459. Dzyak and Haselman were originally appointed to council, while Rochelle was re-elected.

The fourth spot went to former mayor and councilman Gary Moore. He garnered 392 votes to beat out fourth place finisher Matthew Keefer, who had 354.

Haselman got the most votes in Swanton precincts 1-3, while Rochelle earned the most in the fourth precinct. Dzyak earned the most votes in the Lucas County portion of the village.