1929 Ford Model A

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November 1, 2013

WAYNESFIELD — Henry Ford had a hard time dealing with change. He introduced the Ford Model A to the public in late 1927. Ford was reluctant to significantly tamper with his beloved car’s design, the Model T, but realized the public yearned for changes. The Ford Model A was the subject of the 1928 song, “Henry’s Made A Lady Out of Lizzie,” which sang the praises of Ford’s Model A. The 20 Millionth Ford was a 1931 Ford Model A 160-B Slant Windshield Town Sedan. Henry and Edsel Ford accompanied this car off the assembly line, saw that the black car was lettered on the sides and roof with “The Twenty Millionth Ford.” The Sedan would be taken on a tour of the U.S., stopping at nearly every Ford territory and dealer along the way. Rumored to be lost in a fire sometime after the publicity tour, the car was discovered in Michigan in 1999. After Ford determined it was indeed “The Twenty Millionth Ford,” the company agreed to lease the car from its current owner. The staying power of the Ford Model A.

Tom Reese Sr., of Waynesfield brought his 1929 Ford Model A to The Lima News’ Real Wheels Cruise-In. He has owned it for two and a half years. The car was stored in a garage on West Market Street in Lima for years. Reese says that so far, every day he dries the car is a good memory.