Letter: Clubs' mission: Support America

August 11, 2013

Clubs’ mission: Support America

I attended Staff Sgt.Sonny Zimmerman’s return home on July 25th. Standing with members of the Chained Eagles, I was interviewed by a reporter from The Lima News. To set the record straight, I, nor Rolling Thunder Ohio Chapter 6, had any part in, “helping put together Thursdays events.” It was an innocent assumption that disturbed me deeply since that honor goes to people who deserve to be recognized — The Patriot Guard Riders, Chained Eagles and patriotic citizens.

They were the ones who escorted Sonny home.

Concerning the Patriot Guard: For eight years, when invited by family, a nationwide network has provided local riding groups invited for missions as seen in Waynesfield. Law enforcement throughout the route are notified. Search and history link.

A year ago, support for his family in Delphos similarly honored CPO John “Kieth” Bemis, a U.S. Navy veteran. A social media driven protest never happened. His honor was preserved.

Rolling Thunder, Chained Eagles, Patriot Guard Riders, American Legion Riders, and ABATE have many dedicated members locally. They are brothers and sisters of the same cause: Love of Country, respect of our flag, and honor given to our veterans. Like local cycle clubs, fundraisers are a must.

Tears of people helped by these groups make it worthwhile. I ask that you support them with your tax deductible donations, and volunteer your time when possible.

_ Jeff McDougle, Charter Board Member, Rolling Thunder Chapter 6 of Ohio, Delphos, Ohio