Finally, Ohio State taken to task

August 11, 2013

Finally, Ohio State taken to task

A well-deserved “thorn” appeared in editor Jim Krumel’s column in the Aug. 5 edition of The Lima News concerning Gordon Gee negotiating a $5.8 million retirement package from The Ohio State University. It is the first complaint I have read about the settlement since it was announced in The Lima News with a story and big picture of Gee. I thought there would be a plethora of Facebook remarks, letters on the editorial page and horrified complaints concerning this outrageous gift to a man who has embarrassed us all by his latest remarks.

Yes, Gordon Gee raised a great deal of money for OSU and has helped produce a great university. However, this was his job.

I’m surprised the settlement came without a word from all the students or their parents or even the needy people of Ohio. I, for one, am thoroughly disgusted with the board who spent public money like this.

— Alice M. Bruns, Cridersville