Lima family needs handicap van for daughter

July 18, 2013

LIMA Having a daughter with quadriplegic cerebral palsy means every time Tige and Andrea Ladden want to leave the house, it takes some planning.

A lot of times, one of us has to stay home with her. We dont get to go anywhere as a family, Tige Ladden said.

Their daughter, Kaylynn, 15, has had the condition since birth. As she has gotten older and her parents age, it becomes harder to pick Kaylynn up and put her into the car, he said.

In order for us to go anywhere as a family, we have to load her by hand, he said. It wasnt a problem before, but as she gets bigger its harder.

The couple is having an online fundraiser through GiveFoward. The fundraiser runs through Aug. 20, and the Laddens are hoping to raise the $30,000 it takes to buy a used van equipped for their daughter. A new van is at least $50,000.

Tige Ladden has the only income in the house. His wife stays home with Kaylynn and takes her to doctor appointments, loading Kaylynn by herself.

Kaylynn cant sit in a regular car seat. She needs to be in her wheelchair, which was fitted for her body, Tige Ladden said.

The Laddens cannot obtain a loan, and they cant afford to buy a van on their own. Their daughter's s medical bills have forced them to file bankruptcy, Tige Ladden said.

Ladden family