Letter: Progressives don't understand Christianity

July 15, 2013

Progressives don’t understand Christianity

For some reason, collectivist progressives can’t seem to grasp the true essence of Christianity.

When Christians stand their ground on biblical precepts, they’re labeled as “zealots.” If I am a zealot for putting my faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary and for believing that he is the Son of God, raised from the dead, then so be it.

We’re accused of being hypocrites when we don’t support social policies that are un-Scriptural, while you use phrases of semantic deception instead of truth to describe those policies.

Christians don’t vote against meals for kids, or funding for those who NEED welfare. We don’t want to destroy Medicare or Social Security.

Our problem is we’re tired of inept governance by corrupt liars and fear for the future of our nation.

As American citizens, we have the right to speak out on the sin of same-sex marriage and the sin of abortion, as well as anything else we consider un-Scriptural or destructive to our society. Until that right is taken away we will continue to do so.

You progressives have the right to whine about the fact that homosexuality and abortion are abhorred by God and that it’s unfair to judge the lifestyles of others.

God knows the difference between “health care for women” and murdering babies.

He knows the difference between “marriage equality” and same sex marriage, and so do real Christians.

— Bryan Taff, Delphos