Wreede family

July 12, 2013

LIMA — Car shows are about a lot more than showing one’s car off. To the Wreede family, it was about paying tribute to their dad, Ray Wreede, of Lima, who passed away Feb. 14, 2013. Carla Wreede, of St. Marys, Liz Baker of Lima and Lloyd Ray Wreede Jr., of Lake Panasoffkee, Fla. brought their cars to the Charity Car Show last weekend. At each vehicle was a board displaying a photo of their father and stating important facts about their car.

“He left each of us a car,” Carla said.

“This was the last car show dad made it to last year,” said Carla Wreede.

That was why it was so important for these siblings to attend the show this year. They knew, if their father was alive, this would be where he would be spending his Sunday afternoon, showing his cars off and talking to car enthusiasts.

“At one time, he had 16 Chevelles,” said Liz Baker.

Liz now owns a 1969 Chevelle SS.

“When I was young, I said I always wanted a Chevelle,” said Liz.

Carla owns the 1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery car and her brother Lloyd Ray Wreede Jr., owns the 1955 Chevy.

“This was dad’s baby,” said Lloyd Ray Wreede Jr. “Dad asked, which one do you want? I told him if it didn’t matter, I would really like this one,” he added.

1955 Chevy - The 1955 Chevy was the first all new model, designed by Edward Nicholas Cole, chief engineer of the Chevrolet Company. The car brought rave reviews, and was tapped as the 1955 Indianapolis 500 pace car. Chevrolet and Ford battled for the number one spot in 1955, but in the end, Chevrolet took the bragging rights away from Ford. Entering the mid-50’s just as rock ‘n’ roll was hitting it big, the longer and lower 1955 Chevy brought an optimism to consumers. A “Turbo-Fire” V8, the engine that launched Chevys legendary small-block engine family, was optional. Chevy ads called the ’55 “The Hot One.”

1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery - The 1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery was advertised with Chevy’s truck line. Its suggested list price was $1,568 to $1,660, depending on engine type. It shared parts with the two-door station wagon, but placed body panels instead of rear side windows, as the station wagon had. There were only approximately 10,639 Sedan Delivery units built. The car weighed 3,265 pounds, and had an overall length of 195.6 inches, making this vehicle an ideal way to haul and deliver items that needed to be kept undercover.

1969 Chevy Chevelle SS — The Chevrolet Chevelle was produced by Chevrolet for the 1964 through 1977 model years. The 1969 Chevelles were billed as “America’s most popular mid-size car.” The Super Sport versions were produced through the 1973 model year. Advertising executives wrote, “SS doesn’t stand for Standing Still!” The Chevelle, along with the Pontiac GTO, remains one of the most popular cars from this era due to its strong performance at a reasonable price. The Chevelle is a model coveted by hot rodders and collectors.

Wreede family