Prosecutor wants dead man’s statements into evidence

July 3, 2013

LIMA ?? A defense attorney wants to keep a dead man from talking.

James E. Gipson cannot walk into a courtroom and testify about the day he died, but he did tell his girlfriend what he was about to do that led to his death.

Prosecutors want his testimony admitted, through his girlfriend, into evidence in the murder case against Charles E. McGuire Jr. McGuire is charged with murder, aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery in the Dec. 27 fatal stabbing of Gipson.

The case is interesting in a sense that McGuire was nowhere near Gipson when he was killed.

According to police, McGuire sent Gipson to a house to collect on a debt, Gipson threatened to harm the people inside with a crowbar if the debt was not paid and got killed when the people inside acted in self-defense.

Gipson agreed to collect the debt so McGuire would forgive him of a debt he owed, according to police.

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Charles McGuire