Letter: TV station commentator is a liar

June 29, 2013

I can not understand why WLIO allows Brent Stocksdale to simply repeat lies in the guise of an “editorial.”

Here are two recent examples:

Lie No. 1: President Barack Obama’s budget taxes IRAs. This is not true. The president’s budget calls for a cap on these accounts of $3 million. This will affect less than 2 percent of all IRAs. (IRAs are meant to be retirement plans for working class Americans, not tax shelters for billionaires).

Lie No. 2: The Federal Reserve has been printing money and this will cause inflation. This is also not true. This lie has been repeated by conservatives so much that many people believe that “the fed” has a printing press and is simply printing off new bills. The fed has not, and can not, “print money.” Banks don’t use cash anyway and would have no need to “print” any. For more information please look up “Quantitative Easing.” Conservatives have been predicting rises in inflation since Obama assumed office, all while inflation remains at record lows. Yet Stocksdale assures us its coming.

Both of these claims by Stocksdale and WLIO are untrue with an intent to deceive. This makes both of them liars.

Stocksdale simply repeats right wing talking points with no thought for truth, or even reality, and Jeff Rex is ineffectual at making any point at all. It is way past time to stop broadcasting this nonsense.

— Robert Dotson, Lima