Recipe from the old country

June 23, 2013

LIMA — Mary Ann McColm, although she has cooked most of her life, has one recipe that is dear to the family.

It’s a good meal, sure, but the family traditions make this one special.

McColm shares a recipe today that comes from her grandmother, Frances Mancino, who came from Italy.

“My grandmother and grandfather were from Calabria, Italy,” McColm explained. “And so the Italian comes in.”

“When they came (to America), they had one child,” she said. They landed in New York in about 1910.

“And then they went straight to Michigan, the Detroit area,” she said.

McColm’s mother, Rose Fichiera, was born in America. The sauce recipe was passed down through the women of the family.

McColm grew up in Michigan but has been in this area for about 26 years, moving here to accommodate a job transfer of her husband, Rod. Because their two children are grown, she doesn’t make this sauce too often now — except for special occasions when the kids and two grandchildren are coming for dinner.

“Our kids love it when I do it,” she said.

It takes quite a lot of effort, she said.

“It makes a lot and it’s a lot of cooking, a lot of hours,” McColm said. “I cook it and divide it into containers and freeze it. … You know, I used to do it in smaller amounts and it’s the same amount of work. You may as well do it and get what you need.”

The most important tip: “You need a big pot,” she said. “You just keep adding to that large pot that you begin with.”

McColm is glad that the recipe is so well-liked even today.

“I’ve found very few people that don’t like spaghetti sauce,” she said, explaining her husband is Scottish. “And he likes it, too.”

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