Letter: 108 kids get free plane rides

June 22, 2013

108 kids get

free plane rides

Thank you to the Experimental Aircraft Association {EAA} Chapter 922. On Saturday June 1, we took my granddaughter to the New Knoxville Airport to have an experience she won’t forget.

The entire membership of Chapter 922 took part and volunteered their time and expertise to give free rides to 108 kids. There were six pilots who donated their time, aircraft and fuel for the Saturday event. This is an annual event that the chapter has been doing for nearly 20 years. The President of the Chapter is Todd Bills.

Young Eagles is a national program sponsored overall by the EAA and nationwide, almost 2 million kids have participated in this program. This year’s spokesman is Skully Shellenbarger the “hero of the Hudson.” Thank you EAA Chapter 922 for giving these kids an exciting experience to talk about for years to come.

— Jacki Duffy, Elida