Letter: Putnam Countykids doing good deeds

June 17, 2013

Putnam County children doing good deeds

When God mixes with “His People” good things happen.

On a recent Friday and Saturday, the Yes Group of Putnam County Catholic Churches, comprised of 80 children, helped people of the county by doing some things they were not able to do. If you have never experienced this you should invite them to help you.

I had asked them to wash the windows inside and out because I need a ladder to do the outside. That is not safe for me. I knew they do not have enough work for the children so why not let them do this.

There were seven windows and eight children plus two chaperons who came to do this. This was not enough work for them. Besides the windows, they cleaned up all the landscape of weeds plus the flower beds, swept off the porch and cleaned the bathroom.

At other places they painted and built a ramp.

Two girls asked to visit me. I shared my childhood and that I had been a teacher in the church Atrium on Sunday mornings. During this sharing the Bible story of the Mustard Seed and how it was so small when planted and grew into a large tree was discussed. I had leftover mustard seed, so I gave it to them. They were surprised to see how small it really is. There were other things about the Mass and understanding it that was also talked about.

Their motto is “God Is My Rock.”

Thank you very much “Yes 2013” Putnam County.

— Kate Wischmeyer, Ottawa