Letter: Frustrations with Utilities Department

June 16, 2013

Frustrations with

Utilities Department

I have complained twice now to the City of Lima Utilities Department about notification of a late payment on my water bill. In both cases I was told my payment arrived exactly one day late and I must pay a penalty of $20. Am I the only person dealing with this problem?

It is my understanding that a public utility is regulated in a way that the provider will not behave in a way contrary to the community’s best interest since we have no recourse other than dig our own well.

Now in this latest episode, I was told by the lady taking my complaint that my water bill was due on June the 4th, but my letter arrived on June 5th, thus the late payment fee of $20. According to my record the check was written on May 20th. It is hard for me to understand how a check mailed two weeks before the due date can arrive one day late at the utilities department. There is a dead cat on the line somewhere in this payment procedure. It is hard for me to believe that on two occasions the Lima Utilities Department received payment of my water bill one day late. It is harder to believe this public service institution would have a director so insensitive as to charge people $20 for payment one day late.

— Carl D. Liechty, Lima