Getting crafty: Inexpensive pendant fun to make and give

June 13, 2013

With the vast expanses of summer waiting for us, here’s an inexpensive DIY project that you and your kids can make. This tile glass pendant is classy and easy to personalize.

What you’ll need

1 clear glass tile (I ordered mine online at, 10 for $3.05)

1 bail

Clear Gel Tacky Glue or other clear-drying glue

Inkssentials Glossy Accents

Clear tape

Pretty picture, or printable letters (download at, or scrapbooking paper


Step one: Cover the image with clear tape. Using the scissors, carefully cut out the image you want to display on your pendant to the exact shape of the tile, but just a hair smaller.

Step two: Using your clear glue, put a dab onto the face (taped side of the image). Spread the glue across the image surface evenly, and place it image side (glue side) onto the tile. The tape over the face of the image will prevent the glue from smearing the image in any way.

Step three

Using the Glossy Accents, dab a bit under the bail. Place the bail where you want it on the back of the tile. Then, carefully cover the back of the tile, over the bail and fully covering the backside of the image. Let this sit for several hours or overnight.

Once dried, you have a nifty little pendant that you can string onto a necklace.

TUTORIAL ONLINE: For an illustrated step-by-step tutorial of the tile glass pendant DIY project, go to Traci Arbios’DYI & More: