Letter: Truth in presentation

May 20, 2013

Truth in presentation

Free, a word according to the New World Dictionary is as follows: “without cost or payment, without obstruction, burden or obligation.” I refer to the article written by Beth L. Jokinen in The Lima News on April 26 dealing with her “free lunch for all” topic for Lima City Schools.

Now, I’ve always held the belief that the people paying for something should have the right to partake of their contribution. Just as the taxpayer’s child should be furnished with lunch at school alongside the nontaxpayer’s child, no child should ever go hungry. Should a child ever go without a meal because his or her parents forgot to furnish the child with lunch money, or was strapped financially at the time and could not pay for the meal?

If a meal is given to certain children, it should be given to all children, and the taxpayer who furnishes meals for certain children should not be burdened to pay once again for their own child or children.

So you see, Jokinen, nothing in life is really free, whether it be local, state or federal, the taxpayer is footing the bill. There might be one singular item termed free; however, and that would be advice and that advice would be to very cautiously employ the word free.

— Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta