Letter: The law is the law

May 13, 2013

Re Sister Mary Kuhlman and immigrants: I recently asked a representative of the Catholic Church if I could receive communion or get married in the Church. I was told “no,” that there are rules, classes and a process to follow to be allowed those benefits. Imagine that, rules! Immigrants are welcome here, but there are rules. And those who entered and work here illegally should not be excused from these rules.

The Seneca County jail is not “raising” money, they are housing illegal aliens who have violated the law. And they are not “undocumented”…. just ask the millions of American ID theft victims who have had their identity stolen and used to gain employment. Not all illegal aliens are violent criminals, but an illegal alien is a law violator that chose to ignore the law of the land. The law is the law; what other classification of law violator in this country has someone advocating for us to just ignore the law and let them go? The church has rules and ENFORCES them; is this not a double standard they are asking us to accept? We admit over one million people legally every year and for that I am proud. And those one million did it the right way. Too much to ask?

— Robert Najmulski, Lima