Letter: New gun laws not needed

May 11, 2013

New gun laws not needed

It is sad that the “anti-gun left” has to manufacture polling data to support its cause.

The claim that 90 percent of Americans support stricter gun control is a flat-out lie. Where did they take this supposed poll, New York City?

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is taking heat for not supporting the recent “feel-good” legislation that failed. He did the right thing.

I, for one, do not support any new gun control legislation. Why? Because it does not work.

Restricting and/or complicating law-abiding citizens’ ability to buy and sell firearms does nothing to stem the problem of gun violence. Ignoring the facts seem to be the common theme of recently proposed legislation.

In almost every case, criminals have obtained firearms illegally. New laws do not affect criminals.

How about enforcing the current laws? Why is it that mandatory sentences for gun crimes (crimes committed with a gun specification) are almost always “bargained away” by prosecutors? What does a repeat, violent offender have to bargain with?

Recent legislation proposed by Attorney General Mike DeWine makes much more sense. Double the minimum sentence for repeat violent offenders. Keep the people incarcerated who are committing the majority of the violent (gun) crimes.

We need to refund Mental Health facilities. Most all the perpetrators of senseless crimes such as Sandy Hook Elementary School have exhibited symptoms of mental health disorders.

No legislation will ever eliminate violent crime. Pretending that it will is just wishful thinking and a waste of our legislators’ time.

— Steve Burkholder, Lima