Letter: People aren't raised to be gay

May 9, 2013

People aren’t

raised to be gay

Regarding the April 23 letter, Mommas should stop homosexual sons,” written by Glen Lewis, he should know that like it or not, some peopl are gay. 2013, like it or not people are gay, and will continue to be gay from now until the end of time, and Mr. Lewis there is nothing you or the likes of people like you can do about. So I suggest you learn to cope with it and keep praying and let me know how that pans out for you. To think that one is raised to be gay, well, it is just laughable.

Mr. Lewis; do you enjoy shellfish? According to Leviticus in the original testament if you do, you my friend are a sinner. Oh wait, some time ago they realized that so many people like shellfish (they are delicious, especially with garlic butter) that it’s okay. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the wonderful book written and revised so many times by man say something similar to “thall shall not judge”? You want to live by the book than fine, abide by all its teachings, and not the ones you find more important. If it is in fact true, than Jesus died for our sins, so why aren’t homosexuals covered under this clause?

People are raised to be racist or religious, you’re not born to hate certain people or to be Christian, it’s taught to you. I once ed a gay man, (who by the way was one of the nicest people I have ever met), what made him realize he was gay; his response was “when I realized I liked men and not women.”

— Elias Staup, Lima