Glandorf girl pours out caring with lemonade stand

May 8, 2013

GLANDORF – Eight-year old Macy Ellerbrock wanted to do something special when she heard a neighbor had brain cancer. She wanted to do something that would show her concern and also help the family with their ongoing medical expenses.

“I heard he had a lot of expenses and I wanted to help him with that,” Macy said.

Her solution was to set up a lemonade stand at her Anthony Avenue home in Glandorf.

She painted a sign stating “Macy’s Lemonade, Money goes to a family in need.”

Each night from Sunday, April 21 through April 26, she would set up her stand after school at the end of her drive.

“My mom and dad helped me make the lemonade each night,” Macy said. She was also assisted by her brother Evan, who would help her set up her table and sign. Also assisting Macy was also assisted by her cousin, Brayden Ellerbrock, who would get off the bus at Macy’s home and offer his assistance. Brayden is in kindergarten.

“He really loved helping me out when he could,” Macy said.

She said the response was very positive. “One person said they were diabetic and couldn’t drink any lemonade, but gave me a $3 donation,” Macy said.

Her second grade teacher saw her with the lemonade stand and shared with Macy’s entire class what Macy was doing.

“That was really nice,” Macy admitted.

Macy said her neighbor did not know she was doing this special act of kindness for him.

“He was really surprised when I took the money over to him and told him what I had done,” Macy said.

Macy said she has many interests and hopes to grow up to be a teacher. “I love playing school, soccer and I love sports,” she said.

“I’m very proud of her,” her mother Jaylene said. “She has a good heart.”

Macy is the daughter of Jaylene and Chad Ellerbrock.