Letter: Lima needs stronger dog laws

May 5, 2013

Lima needs stronger dog laws

Lima needs to control dogs. All dogs.

From what I am reading and my own experience with out-of-control dogs, the laws are far too lenient and blurry. Dogs seem to have more rights than people do. Instead of just having slightly increased fines and police patrolling Lima Riverwalk, why not say: No unleashed dogs! Period.

An unleashed dog should be confiscated by the dog warden, with a hefty fine (perhaps $500) attached to get it back. An unleashed dog, whether accompanied by the owner or not, can pose a threat. Dogs have a will of their own, and may not respond even to a command from an owner, at least not in time to avoid injury to another person. Dogs have been called “man’s best friend,” but that is not always true. A dog is still an animal and can be extremely dangerous to strangers, especially little children.

As a child, I loved the little dogs the kind old ladies had a penchant for carrying around. I tried petting two different dogs when I was little, and had my fingers snapped both times. I learned to keep my hands off the doggies!

I invite The Lima News to publish all the pictures it can find, from the last two to five years, of people who have been attacked by dogs. I think people, law enforcement, legislators, and judges, need to see the damage a dog can do to a person. For instance, how about the woman whose dog tore off her face, about two years ago?

— Tina Burdeen, Lima