UNOH’s Gade thrilled to compete at Limaland

May 4, 2013

LIMA ‚?? As a new season gets underway at Limaland Motorsports Park, fans will be seeing a lot of familiar faces, along with several new ones.One fresh face that fans will get to know is Emily Gade‚??s.

The 19-year-old from Clarence, Iowa who will be competing this season in Limaland‚??s Bud Thunderstocks, is the first female driver to race at Limaland, according to general manager Bob Fricke‚??s recollection.

‚??My dad, grandpa and aunt have been racing for years,‚?Ě Gade said. ‚??My grandpa had a team in the 60s and my dad and aunt had a team in the 80s. I grew up with it and I decided that I wanted to try it.‚?Ě

Gade, who has been racing since 2007, is majoring in High Performance Technology at UNOH and was convinced to take a visit once she saw people in Daytona in February 2012.

‚??It was down at Speedweek and I saw the modifieds from the school,‚?Ě Gade said. ‚??I took a tour and liked it. I knew that I wanted to go to college with something to do with racing. UNOH is the best one that I found.‚?Ě

Even though Gade will be the first female to compete at Limaland, she isn‚??t letting that be her only accomplishment this season.

‚??I really like all of the people you meet (while racing),‚?Ě Gade said. ‚??It‚??s cool that I‚??ll be there. I hope more girls get involved in it. I just want to be treated like every other driver.‚?Ě

Since Gade has been racing for about six years, she knows a good driver when she sees one.

‚??My dad‚??s friend Chuck Hannah is one of my favorite drivers,‚?Ě Gade said. ‚??Another one is Jimmy Owens of Lucas Oil late model.‚?Ě

Even though Gade isn‚??t from around the Lima area, that doesn‚??t mean she hasn‚??t heard a lot of great things about Limaland.

‚??I‚??m excited, from what people have said it reminds me of my home track,‚?Ě Gade said. ‚??I just want to make friends and be in the same position I was in at my home track.‚?Ě Limaland‚??s season got underway Friday after two weeks of rainouts. For complete results from Friday‚??s races, see Sunday‚??s sports section.

UNOH's Emily Gade