Charles Thomas: Singing the praises of mommas everywhere

May 3, 2013

In a little more than a week , we will be celebrating Mother's Day once again. When you realize and think about that day, the title of Mother's Day just doesn’t seem big enough, complete enough or whole enough.

After all, our mothers were the original Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders when we picked up our first bat or threw our first football. They may not have worn the sexy outfits or been able to recite perfect cheer lines.

It was just hearing her voice that made you feel that one day you would become America's next super star, despite making an attempt at a tackle in football that looked like you were trying to take down a greased pig or flailing at baseball as if you had a fly swatter in your hand.

To them, nothing was more beautiful. I think I got my athleticism from mom because she could hit a softball as well as any of my siblings in our youth.

Mothers were our nurses, who took delicate care of our battle scars from the athletic fields we thrived on in the summer. They were stars in the kitchen, long before reality shows in the kitchen were ever thought of.

You see, they could put together a meal of leftovers on a limited budget equal to what I see on television today and feed everyone… well almost everyone. Sometimes she would do without, just to make sure we all had something to eat.

When the Christmas play would roll around each year, it was mom who would assist you in learning your lines. It was mom who would say “you can to this” as you stood shaking in your shoes.

Mothers were there to lift our chins when we suffered our first heartbreak, assuring us that we would survive this endeavor and many more that would follow.

I think the greatest social service that can be rendered by anybody to any nation and to humanity is the love and direction of a mother. The strength of any person or nation can always be attributed back to the love, caring and direction of a mother. A mother is a gift given to you.

My mother passed away four years ago but “I remember Momma” always and forever. I didn’t always follow her teachings. Had I been true to her teachings, my life would have been so much less complicated and burden-free. Like me, I know there are many of you as well who wish you would have just followed momma’s suggestion for a smoother transition through life.

When we think of our mothers, most of us will not think of the material things that we may have been provided by our mothers. What we will remember is how much we were loved and cherished by them. In a house that my siblings and I didn’t build, didn’t pay for and often in a home that sometimes didn’t have enough to go around, we were still “Kings of the Castle” and very lucky and fortunate to have a mother like we had.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and the same to all you mothers as well. If, for some silly reason, you may be reluctant to do so, make this Mother’s Day special while you can, because regret is an unnecessary burden that we place on ourselves.

Mothers are our richest natural resource, more valuable than gold , diamonds or oil…. They simply and unfortunately just don’t last as long.