Letter: Lima schools did right by our family

May 1, 2013

Lima schools did

right by our family

In these economic times, should I vote yes? A question I asked myself. I am a Lima City School alumni. Four generations of my family have attended Lima City Schools. My children, grandchildren and both my parents attended Lima City Schools.

As a small child, I realized the importance of education. Mainly because of my parents, they always voted for the schools. They embraced the world of knowledge. Education was the key to awareness and future advancement in the community and in the country at large.

I decided to call my children to see what they thought. I asked my son “How did your education at Lima City Schools prepare or influence your life today?” He said, “LCS educators made investments in their students. They gave that extra effort that set the stage for the basic fundamentals.” I talked with my daughter and asked her “What do you think LCS helped you accomplish?” “This question brings to mind two of my teachers. One set the standard of what was acceptable and what was not. I considered it a requirement to come to class prepared. Another educator I remember and realized was a great teacher, because she was tough on us. She made you learn, she cared whether you got an education. The best teachers are the ones who make you rise up to meet the standard of excellence.” Lima City Schools have had the privilege of such educators.

I believe Lima is a good place to grow up. The future belongs to our children. Let us give them the support they need to help build generations to come.

My family and I agree unanimously.

Vote YES for Lima City Schools.

— Rosemary Benedum, Lima